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Attendance – Absence and Holidays in Term Time




Only the Head teacher can decide if an absence should be authorised or not.


  • Reasons for absence must be provide by parent/carers as soon as possible. A note or telephone call is required on the first day of absence and a note is required following the return to school after any absence that has not been planned in advance e.g. illness.  The school does not have to accept the explanation offered by the parents/carers as a valid reason for absence.  If a member of staff has concerns, the Head teacher must be informed straight away.
  • Class teachers are responsible for ensuring that a letter covering absence is provided by the parent /carer immediately upon a pupils return. This letter will be sent to the school office to be recorded on Sims.
  • The school Admin staff note telephoned reasons for absence on the Sims register.
  • The register should be amended straight away.
  • If a message explaining absence is not received, every effort will be made to telephone the parent /carer to confirm that the absence is genuine using our first day calling procedures.
  • If there is no notification then the absence will be recorded as unauthorised.
  • If after the office Admin have tried to contact the parent /carer for 2 continues days and they have had no communication. The Head teacher will write to the parents/carers and inform them that if we do not hear from them within 3 working school days we will request that our Education Welfare Consultant visit the family residence due to Safeguarding concerns.  If there are more than 10 unauthorised absences in a 7 week period, parents/carers could be liable to a penalty notice. 
  • It may be necessary for parents/carers to take a pupil out of school during the day. The parents/carers must go to the school office and enter the details of the absence into the signing in / out book provided and sign in on return.


Request of Leave of Absence in Term Time


  • Current Legislation does not allow any absence due to holiday during term time unless there are extenuating circumstances when it will be at the discretion of the Head teacher.
  • Leave of absence in term time plays a significant part in the school’s attendance figures. This is an issue not just for Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School but for all South Gloucestershire Schools.
  • Any parent /carer wishing to request leave of absence in extenuating circumstances will need to apply in writing to the Head teacher 2 weeks in advance. This does not mean that the absence will be automatically authorised.
  • If a parent/carer take a pupil/pupils out of school during term time and that absence is unauthorised for more than 10 sessions in a 7 school week period then this could result in the school requesting a penalty notice.
  • The notice is a fine of £60 pounds per parent per child if paid within 28 days of receipt of the notice; but rising to £120 if paid after 28 days but within 42 days.
  • The payment must be made in full – part payments will not be accepted-details of how to pay are printed on the Penalty Notice.
  • If the fine remains unpaid after 42 days, the local authority will prosecute the Parent/Carer for non – attendance of the child at school.