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Prayer Life

Our Lady of Lourdes Chaplaincy team


The start of a new academic year has opened the door for more members of KS2 to join the chaplaincy team. Children wrote letters outlining their desire to join and we are now proud to have 20 children serving in our school chaplaincy team.  


Mrs Towers and Miss Gregory meet with the team weekly to discuss fundraising ideas, ways to lead collective worship across the school and achieving their 'Leaders in Faith' awards. At the end of November they will be officially commissioned into their role, along with other chaplains from other schools in the diocese with a special service at Clifton Cathedral. Check back soon for our pictures of this special occasion!


We are already working hard to organise our first fundraiser of the year, which will be a mufti day in the last week of term. During our last chaplaincy team meeting we discussed several charities to support and decided to raise money for HCPT for this term. More information on the charity can be found here. This term we will also be taking donations to the local food-bank to support those in need in our local community. 


Our new chaplaincy team have also been very busy working with Mr Bracey to work on the re-visioning of the school. They have shared ideas on how they want others to see our school and what it feels like to be a part of Our Lady of Lourdes. Check back soon for updates and details.