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Willow Class
Hello and welcome to Willow class' webpage! Here you will be able to keep up to date with everything that is happening in our classroom and follow our learning journey. You will be able to join us as we adjust to life in school and see all the exciting things that we do. Please keep checking in to see what we have been up to!
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P.E Days

P.E days for Willow class this term are Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Class Newsletter

Term 5

Our Enquiry: What can we find down on the farm?



This has been a fantastic term and we have accomplished so much! This week we attended a Mass to celebrate Mary. We were incredibly well behaved and did their best to join in with the hymns we had practiced beforehand. The children have been rewriting the stroy of the 3 Little Pigs this week and I am so impressed with their remembering and the beautiful wriitng that they have produced. We have also looked at distance this week. We held races and decided who was 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. We could also tell Miss Gregory who travelled the furthest. We explored these concepts through paper airplanes and creating ramps to race cars. We have also looked at capacity and described full, half full and empty containers accurately. We have also enjoyed dressing up as superheroes on the final day of term. We all look fantastic and we have included some pictures here for you to see how amazing we all look too! Miss Gregory wishes you all a wonderful half term. See you next term! 

All shapes and sizes!


We have been absolute superstars this week and have achieved so much! We have shown Miss Gregory that we are confident counting objects to 20 easily. We went on a shape walk and impressed all the adults with our knowledge of shapes and our ability to tell each other the properties of the shapes too. We have been using cubes to create patterns, created our own on the whiteboard and made some out of pom poms. We are amazing at maths. We can't wait to see what our new challenge is. We have also done some super writing. We have created wanted posters of the big bad wolf and they are very impressive. We have explored moving around, through, over and under objects and we were all super fast! Bring on the final week of term! 

Little Pig Little Pig let me come in!


The children have worked amazingly hard on their writing this week. We have been looking at the story of the 3 Little Pigs. They can all remember the story without pictures and props and retell it in great detail. They have written some key phrases that the wolf says in speech bubbles and have used their sounds really well! We have worked on 1 more and 1 less for the last time in maths this week. Miss Gregory is really proud of how hard we have all tried in this area even when it has been a little tricky! What a super week! 

Ordering Numbers


This week we have blown Miss Gregory away with our amazing Maths skills. We have ordered numbers to 20 with ease and are counting objects to 20. Some of us are adding to 20 and beyond! She is very proud of the progress we have made as Mathematicians. We have been doing some super writing about things we like and some of us have begun to write our own stories. We like writing stories as they can be about ANYTHING! Some of us wrote stroies about princesses and unicorns while others wrote about ladybirds. Miss Gregory loves reading our stories and she can't wait to read even more in the future. We have discussed words of praised used in hymns in church and why they are important and included. We have made some beautiful calligrams to display these words. 

Class Mass


This week we took part in our first class Mass! It is something we spent a lot of time preparing for. We learnt some new songs for our mass and we worked really hard. Our singing was beautiful in the service. We made some wonderful pictures of our family to share with Father Jim and the parents. It was very clear how much everyone cared for their families. Miss Gregory is very proud of how well we behaved, how well we participated and how well we listened to Father Jim and led the service. 

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The sun has got its hat on!


This week we have been able to enjoy lots of outdoor learning due to the beautiful sunshine! We have been looking at positions and using terms to describe the placement of objects and we are all experts. So we then decided to explore outside directional langauge! We had so much fun creating chalk mazes and directing our partners around them using left and right turns! We also practiced writing our key words outside to help us in our writing. We had a visit from a dragon lady this week who told us all about the dragons she knew. It was a very enjoyable experience and the children loved finding out new facts! 

Autism Awareness Week


We have had such a great first week back! We have told Miss Gregory all about the fantastic things we have been doing over the holidays and we have written some great sentences about our adventures too. We are getting better and better all the time. 


We also took a trip down to the farm. It was very wet and muddy and we had a fantastic time! We walked down there and back and we were so sensible the whole way. We found a wide range of animals and enjoyed looking at and talking about them. We were even able to stroke some donkeys! This reminded some of us of Palm Sunday and how Jesus rode into Jerusalum on a donkey. 


We have been talking about Autism this week and how to be kind and understanding to those who are Autisitic. We spoke about how being different is a good thing and about everyone being unique. We celebrated the uniqueness of those with Autism by wearing onesies on Friday. 

Term 4

Our Enquiry: What's it like to live under the sea?

Holy Week


This week we have been thinking about the events of Holy Week. We have discussed the key events in assembly and as a class. We focused on Palm Sunday and re-enacted this key event using Palms we created ourselves. We also talked about Good Friday, the emotions of the day and created pieces of art to reflect this. We have really enjoyed spending time talking about this as a class. Please feel free to speak to us about what we have found out so far! We enjoy talking about it and have some great ideas and opinions. 


Thank you for all your support this term it has been a fantastic time and we have accomplished so much!

Oh no, SHARK!


Our fourth week of term 4 has flown by in Willow Class. We have been busy learning all about different kinds of sharks. We found out that the smallest shark is a Blue Lamtern shark which only grows up to 17cm. It has lights on its belly to stop other fish from seeing and eating it. We looked at how dangerous sharks actually are and we find out that we are much more dangerous to sharks than we are to them. In fact they don't think we taste very nice at all! 


In maths we have been looking at 1 more and 1 less. We have found this out using objects, crossing out pictures and using a number line. We have played an online helicopter game to help us on Topmarks which we really enjoyed-maybe you would like to play it with us at home! We are doing really well in Maths and we really appreciate all the support our grown ups give us at home. 


In RE we have been looking at what kind of choices Jesus wants us to make in everyday situations and how we can choose to follow him in our lives. We sorted through things such as sharing, hitting, being unkind and helping others. 


We were also explored the life cycle of the turtle this week and created our own life cycle to display in our classroom. We were also lucky enough to get the parachute out this week. We played some games and read some books underneath it. What a busy week! 

Magical Measurers


This week in Willow class we have been super busy, especially in Maths. We have learnt how to use scales and how they measure weight. We weighed a variety of items and we have all learnt to identify which is heavier and which is lighter. We have also learnt about length and have ordered pirate flags smallest to biggest. We have learnt about money and the different coins we use in the UK and know we use pounds and pence. We have written beautiful sentences about things we can see under the sea this week and Miss Gregory is really impressed with how well we are doing in our writing. We have been learning about the meaning of Lent and we have identified ways we can be like Jesus during this time. We talked about sharing and helping others. We also looked at the parable of the talents and talked about our own talents given to us by God and how it is important that we use these. We definitely deserve a lovely weekend break!



What a week we have had in Willow class! We went to visit a rather cold aquarium and saw lots of amazing fish. we got to look at different shells and sea animals that we might find in a rock pool. We were so well behaved that the resident crab came out to see us-a first in 3 years! The children were so well behaved and this was noticed by the staff. Well done to all! We have also had World Book day where we have all dresseed up as some of our favourite fairy tale characters. Everyone looks amazing. We have also had lots of snow this week and we have enjoyed running around and experiencing the white stuff! 



We have been working really hard this week in maths to add two different numbers together. We have used dominoes to help create random number sentences to solve. We have used numicon or written numerals to display our number sentences and we have all done a fantastic job! We have also worked really hard in our writing and we have been using our set two sounds to write some new words. We are getting better and better everyday and Miss Gregory can't believe how amazing we are. We have all done our best to welcome a new member of the class this week and have demonstrated excellent purple learner skills. 

Term 3

Our Enquiry: What are differnt parts of the world like?

Mental wellbeing


This week we have had a busy time! We explored internet safety on internet safety day and talked about how connected we can be online. We talked about how we are all connected and how easy it can be to talk to other people. We talked about only talking to people online with the permission of an adult and NEVER to someone we don't know. We talked about all the ways we use the internet-lessons, TV, learning etc. We wrote emails to each other in class and text messages  on phones. We played on the iPads in the afternoon which we enjoyed a lot! During mental wellbeing week we have tallked about what we can do to look after our brain. One of the things that we can do is learn a new skill. Our new skill was dancing and we worked really hard! Miss Gregory was very proud of us. 

Rhyming Experts!


This week in Willow class we have been working on rhyming strings. The children have been brilliant at thinking of rhyming strings and enjoyed the rhyming walk we went on where we recorded our own ideas independently. We have been focused on our teen numbers again and we are becoming more and more confident. We have measured accurately with cubes and have been enjoying the addition of an art easel which was made especially for the children in Willow class. We have learnt about the feeding of the 5000 in RE and we have created a class piece of artwork about the story.



We have been very busy this week. We have been working hard on our teen numbers and we have even understood place value! We have enjoyed playing Maths games to help us and we are getting very good at counting! We have been trying to find out lots about penguins this week as Blue Penguin (a character from our story) wrote to us and asked us to find out if he was a real penguin. We worked hard and found out that he was indeed a real penguin and we wrote a letter back to give him the good news!



Our 3rd week of the 3rd term has been as busy as ever! We have begun looking at adding two different numbers together and we are all very good at it! We are learning to count and recognise numbers to 20. This is really hard work so please help us to count to 20 at home too! We have written some wonderful sentences about animals and penguins this week and Miss Gregory is very proud of us. We are still continuing to work hard in our reading and Miss Gregory always feels very proud whenever we read in class or use our sounds to spell. 

We have enjoyed exploring our story Blue Penguin. We know that everyone is different and these differences should always be celebrated. We should be kind to everyone no matter what. This also shows the love that jesus has for us and his wish for us to show kindness towards others. 

We have also talked about how special the world is to God and to us. We have talked about how it is important to look after the world and ways we can do this. We have talked about recycling, conserving water and saving energy. 

Reading Warriors!


It has been a very busy second week of term! We have been looking at Antarctica as this is the setting of our book in Literacy. We have talked about how it is very different to Bristol and about the different kind of animals who live there. We have talked about how we live on the planet Earth. we now know that Earth is a sphere and we know it is made up of a mixture of land and sea. We talked about how people can see Earth by flying up to space in rockets. We talked about the International Space Station and how there are always scientists up there. We have had the live feed from the Space Station playing during the day. We found it very interesting that they seemed to fly around! We have made some earth portraits using tissue paper.

We have spent time talking about the Epiphany this week and how the Wise Men brought gifts to Jesus. We created our own artwork of the Nativity scene and spent time thinking about why Jesus is so special. 

Miss Gregory and Mrs Hopewell have been very impressed with our sounds and reading this week. We are all doing really well and they want everyone to know what magnificent reading warriors we are. Thank you to all our grown ups who read with us often. This really helps us to improve every single day! 

We Are Curious!


We have jumped back into our learning this week with this being the first week of our third term. It has been Science week and the children have enjoyed lots of different activities. A wonderful visitor allowed us to carry out different experiments including moving a can using electrical charge from a balloon, changing the directionof a compass with a magnet and creating music through string. We also embarked on their first school trip to We Are Curious. We enjoyed a great workshop which allowed the children to explore several different parts of the world using several senses. They also explored different exibitions within the centre. Some highlights were the bubbles, the light graffiti, the air machine and the Lego Play House. We even saw a tornado form! We were all very well behaved and a great asset to the school. Our teachers are really proud of us! We can't wait to learn more about the world! 

Term 2

Our enquiry: What festivals do we celebrate? 

It's Christmas!


We have had a wonderful last week of term-and a very busy one! We performed our nativity for all the mums and dads and our teachers were so proud of us. We did a fantastic job. We have also had the school disco which lots of us enjoyed-we are very good at our party dances now. We had the school talent show and we really enjoyed watching all th edifferent acts including the teachers dancing! We had Christmas lunch which was so tasty-the teachers singing was not as good though! We also celebrated the end of term with a Christmas assembly, Christingle service and a visit from Santa. We have had an absolutely fantastic term and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 



During our sixth week at school we have entered a very special time for the Catholic Church. Advent! The children have enjoyed learning about what Advent stands for. We have learnt that we are preparing for the birth of Jesus and we know that the Advent Wreath is a symbol of this. We also talked about the sign of the cross and how when we say Father we are talking about God and when we say Son we are talking about Jesus. They enjoyed visiting the church for the Advent service and singing lots of Advent songs. 

We have been doing lots of rehearsals for the Nativity. We are getting better and better and we all tried on our costumes  today. It was a lot of fun! We also had a surprise at the end of our first dress was snowing! We ran outside and all enjoyed jumping in and looking at the snow. It was very cold! We hope you like the video of us enjoying it. 


Still image for this video
The children are enjoying the snow after wokring hard in their dress rehearsal.

Practice makes perfect!


In our fifth week we have been practising for our Nativity play. The children are doing really well and know most of the words and actions. They are sitting beautifully on the stage and they can't wait to share their performance with you all. 

We opened the Christmas Post Office this week and the children have enjoyed using it for role play and sending letters to Santa. 

We have been practising writing our names and we are getting really good. 

We have also been exploring floating and sinking in the outside area. We have made predictions and tested our ideas to see if we are right. 



Our 4th week is over already! We are beginning to prepare for the Nativity play and we have been practising really hard. We are becoming more confident with the words and we can't wait to start practising with KS1. 

This has been our final week looking at the story of the Naughty Bus. We created some beautiful story maps to show off our knowledge of the story. We went out to the main road with Mrs Hopewell to watch the buses and use technology to take pictures of what we saw. It was so much fun! The children then took a great interest in the cameras and took lots of selfies!

We have been working really hard in Maths and have been working on knowing our numerals to 10 and counting to 10. Some of us can count to 20 and above and are adding numbers together! 

We have finished learning our set 1 sounds for phonics and we are now focusing on making sure we are confident to blend simple words together. Miss Gregory os very proud of us all and all we are achieving. 

Children in Need


We have just finished our 3rd week of our 2nd term in Willow Class and we keep working harder and harder! This week we have continued to explore the adventures of the Naughty Bus and make up our own adventures for what he might do next! We have also been working really hard to write our names and we are doing really well! 

In Maths we have been looking at our Numicon 1-10 and our numerals. Today we also realised when playing with the Numicon that 2 smaller numbers can make one bigger number. We orally created number sentences to explain what we had done. 

We have spent the week thinking and talking about kindness as that is the value this term. Some of us have created kindness posters to explain how we can be kind. We also took part in raising money for BBC Children in Need. We all looked fantastic in our spotty costumes and have had lots of spotty fun in class. 

Today we have sadly had to say goodbye to one of the members of Willow Class who is moving away from Bristol. We wish her and her family the best fo luck in the future. Willow class shall miss you! 

Lest we forget


This week we began our new story 'the Naughty Bus'. We have really enjoyed exploring the story and the messy scenes within it! We have helped clean the dirty buses in the playground by running a bus wash and have brought tickets to travel on the buses at the ticket shop. We have made tickets for different journeys and talked about where we would go on the bus. We have created our own buses using a variety of materials and tools and Miss Gregory thinks they are very beautiful! 

As our enquiry this term is festivals and celebrations we have spent some time this week looking at Remembrance  Day. We talked about what Remembrance Day is about and how soldiers fought for us to have free choice ad safety. We talked about all the things we like to do and how it is because of them that we are free to do it. We made some medals to say thank you to all the soldiers on Remembrance day. 

Back with a bang!


For our first week we have jumped right back in to getting on with our learning! We have been learning about Hinduism and the story of Rama and Sita. We have looked at it's link to the Hindu festival Diwali. We have all remembered the story really well and produced some beautiful story maps to retell it. We are even beginning to label our story maps using word mats and our sounds. We learnt about how the festival Diwali is celebrated and created firework pictures in response to our new knowledge. We have also looked at Rangoli patterns which are a big part of the Hindu culture in India. We created our own Rangoli patterns in class. They are so beautiful! 

All the children have been given books this week. Please read these with your children and enjoy them. 

Term 1

Our enquiry: Myself
This term we are starting our school journey here at Our Lady of Lourdes. We have decided to use this term of transition to get to know each other and share information about ourselves. We will be talking about what makes us special, what we like and dislike, who is in our family and special features of ourselves. We are going to create paper plate versions of ourselves and talk about them with others. We will share pictures of our family with each other and learn about what a family is. We will learn that all families are special and they are all different-every family shall be celebrated.

Our first term at big school!


This has been our seventh and final week of term 1! We have done so much this term and Miss Gregory is very proud of all the fantastic work we have done this term. This week we were able to retell the story of Arrrghhh Spider! without any props and remembered all the key phrases and more! Miss Gregory was very impressed. We are getting better and better at writing our names and try our best to write them on all our work. We are doing well with reading and have been trying hard to use our sounds to write some simple words. We have worked really hard on shapes this term and we have all improved in our knowledge of shapes. We now love to build with them, draw them and talk about them. We also like to sing about them! We have also been working on more and less and our counting skills are getting really good. We can now remember the school prayers and all try really hard to join in. We are all confident with the story of creation and can tell everyone about all the things that God made. We have worked really hard this term and we think our achievements show this. Thank you for keeping up with our journey in Willow class and we wish everyone a happy half term! 



During week 6 we have been reading a new book all about a spider who would like nothing more than to be the family pet. The children have really enjoyed the story and have been enjoying acting out parts of the story and reciting lines they know. We have made spiders out of playdough and pipe cleaners to help us develop out motor skills. The children have also been counting spiders on webs and working out which group has more and which group has less. We are getting very good at being able to tell if something is more or less. Why don't you ask us and see? We are getting better and better at remembering our sounds and lots of us are reading words now. Miss Gregory is very proud of us! 


Silly old fox doesn't he know? There is no such thing as a Gruffalo!


This week we have continued exploring the story of the Gruffalo. We went for a walk in the deep, dark wood and acted out the story in the woods with puppets we had made in class. We explored counting objects and matching numerals to them this week. Some of us have written our first words and sentences this week and Miss Gregory is very proud of all of us and our hard work! We are also getting very good at remembering our sounds thanks to all our parents helping us at home. Some of us are reading words too! Why don't you try us at home? 

We went to church for the first time this week and we were all really well behaved. We enjoyed being with the rest of the school and celebrating Harvest. We are ready for a nice weekend now! 

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Picture 2

Oh help, Oh no, it's a Gruffalo!

This week we have been learning about a mouse who took a stroll through the deep, dark wood! We have made puppets and masks and acted out the story in our interactive story display area. We have learnt that the mouse is clever and tricked all the other animals. We have all done a great job remembering key parts of the story and joining in with the story at story time. 

We have also been learning about 2D shapes. We went on a shape walk to see what shapes we could find around school. We also made animals from the Gruffalo out of 2D shapes. 

Our Year 6 buddies came and played with us on Wednesday afternoon and we had a fantastic time getting to know them. They will be visiting us regularly and helping to look after us in school. 

First full time week!

This week has been our first full time week at big school! We have done an amazing job at working hard to follow rules and look after the classroom. We have begun learning our sounds this week with the help of Fred the frog. Our first five sounds we have learnt are m, a, s, d, t. Why don't you see how good we are at our sounds at home?

We have also been learning about Numbers through Number of the Day which we enjoyed very much!

We went on a walk this week to talk about God's creation and see what we could spot that he created.

We also talked about becoming purple learners. We discussed what helps us become good learners and things that might stop us being good learners. We are going to display our ideas in the classroom to help remind us of the good choices we can make to help us in our learning.