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Reception Willow

Willow Class
Hello and welcome to Willow class' webpage! Here you will be able to keep up to date with everything that is happening in our classroom and follow our learning journey. You will be able to join us as we adjust to life in school and see all the exciting things that we do. Please keep checking in to see what we have been up to!

P.E Days

P.E days for Willow class this term are Tuesdays and Fridays. 

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Term 2

Festivals and Celebrations


We have jumped straight back to it this week and have had a very busy week! We looked at bonfire night and talked about the History and reasons for it. We looked at firework safety and the different things we need to do to stay safe on bonfire night. We created firework art and learnt a poem about bonfire night. We have also been learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali. We have learnt the story of Rama and Sita and have acted it out as well as created some beautiful story maps. We have created Diva lamps used to light their way home and we have looked at patterns and focused on rangoli patterns. We have looked at missing numbers in maths and have made attempts to record our ideas.

Term 1

Expert listeners!


Wow! We have had a fantastic last week of school. We have created some wonderful story maps of our story arrrgghhh spider! We have remembered lots of the story language used and our teachers are really impressed. We have been ordering numbers with our ordering number song and some of us have ordered numbers as high as 20. We also counted out the correct amount of objects to match our numerals. We have enjoyed messy play with shaving foam and paint and we have been exploring water colour paints. We have learnt about the Wedding in Cana this week and we can recall key facts of the story. We have been going into assemblies for the first time this week and we have impressed all the teaching staff with how well we can sit and listen. We are really excited to spend a week with our families now. Happy Half term!

Super Mathematicians 


Another busy week in Willow class. We have been reading a new story called arghhh spider! Which we have all enjoyed! We know it really well, we might even be able to tell you all about it if you ask us. We have been labelling a picture from the story and Mrs Hopewell and Miss Gregory are amazed at how good we are at writing already! Lots of us have been labelling with initial sounds and simple words. We have spent a lot of time learning about the number 5 and we can represent 5 in lots of different ways, create number bonds to 5 and talk about numbers that are more and less up to 5. We have continued to learn about the story of Jesus lost in the temple and we learnt about Jesus’ family and some of the people who would have been important to him. We are getting really good at reading tricky words and our growing knowledge of sounds is amazing!

Superhero Readers


Another busy week in Willow class! We have continued our learning about the Gruffalo. We have created a story map for the book and we have also identified the initial sounds of some key characters! Our tricky word knowledge is ever growing - thank you parents for helping us at home! We are getting confident with blending word time 1 words and are set to move on to set 2! We are super readers! We have become more confident in our writing this week with lots of mark making happening everywhere! In Maths we have continued to study numbers in depth. We
have looked at adding and we have ordered numbers. We have ordered objects by height and length and created Gruffalo characters out of shapes. In RE we looked at the story of Jesus lost in the temple. We enjoyed acting it out as a class and thinking of different facial expressions. We have spoken about how we are all unique and special this
week and how no one is the same. We are excited to have some family time and a rest now!

Full Time!


This week we have been in full time and we have had such a good week! Mrs Towers taught us on Monday and we had a great time reading our new story the Gruffalo. We have enjoyed doing lots of writing about the Gruffalo this week as well as making masks and puppets. We have been learning about shapes and have enjoyed making pictures with shapes. We have done lots of RE this week and we have learnt about the Creation story and the different things God made. We went on a walk to point out all the things we could see that God made. We also went on a walk to collect bits of Creation to help us make a collage which we hope to display in the school! We have continued to practice our sounds and have learnt some new tricky words. We are all quite tired now and we are looking forward to a lovely weekend!

All together now!


We have enjoyed spending the mornings altogether this week! We have been trying the scrummy lunches and have been behaving really well in the dining hall. Our year 6 buddies have been great and they come and sit with us and help us if we need it. We have been learning all about the story We are Going on a Bear Hunt this week. We have all shown great enthusiasm and we like acting out the story. We have created story maps showing our great memories and we have created puppets to retell the story with. We have been getting to know numicon in Maths this week and have been playing lots of games to become familiar with the different shapes and develop our reasoning skills. 

Sound superstars


Wow! We have had a really busy week down in Willow class and have spent the last few days altogether! We have started learning our sounds to help us read and we hope to start reading some simple words next week using our sounds! Miss Gregory is really impressed with how well we are doing with our sounds and how hard we are working. We have all made some pictures all about ourselves and some of us have shown Miss Gregory how we can write our names and some other words and numbers. We have enjoyed playing with all the new small world toys we have received and wearing the new superhero costumes. Thank you Mr Bracey! We have been learning the different prayers we use in school and are all being very respectful during prayer time. We can’t wait for next week!

First Day!


This week we have had our first day of school! We all look so smart in our uniforms and we have been having so much fun getting to know the classroom, school and our teachers! We have done a great job of learning the class rules and we try our best to follow them. Miss Gregory is very impressed! We are learning to sit sensibly and listen to each other. We are being really respectful of each other and are showing how kind we can be to our friends. We talked about being responsible this week and the children could all talk about things they are responsible for such as cleaning their rooms and tidying the classroom. We have had a fantastic first few days and we can’t wait to continue the fun next week!