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Year 2 Apple


Apple Class


Welcome to Apple's webpage. Here you will find information about our class and what we are learning.

The page will be updated regularly so please keep checking in to find out about the exciting learning journey that we will be on this year.





Contact Us

We have our own contact page for Apple Class. Please fill out the form below to contact Miss Fleet who will be in touch shortly.

PE days


Our PE days for Term 2 will be as follows -


Tuesday (outdoor)

Thursday (indoor)


Please ensure children come to school in their PE kit on these days and that all kit is labelled with your child's name. 


Term 2

Fire and Ice

Our enquiry theme for term 2 will be- Fire and Ice. We will spend time learning about events from the past such as the history behind Bonfire Night and the Great Fire of London. We will also be looking at weather patterns around the world and spending time learning about the country of Iceland. 


For science we will be learning about materials. We will investigate the different properties and design products using known materials.


To support our enquiry area we will spend time reading a book called The Emperor's Egg. 


                                                            Image result for emperor's egg

Wow - toasting marshmallows 


To launch our new enquiry we spent some time investigating what happens to objects and materials when they are near fire. What better way to do this than to toast and eat some yummy marshmallows?! 

" The marshmallows were scrumptious" - Macey

" The outside was hard but it was soft inside." - Oskar

" They were so chewy" - Tavonga 

" The fire made them hot" - Finlay






Firework Art


Our first day back at school was Bonfire Night! We will be spending time learning about the history behind Bonfire Night in our enquiry learning. To celebrate we created our own firework art using pastels. 

Term 1

All About Me


To mark the start of our first term we will be learning all about what makes us special. We will be learning about humans and how they grow and what they need to help them to stay healthy. We will also be thinking about our goals for Year 2 and setting ourselves targets to help us achieve these. 


As part of our enquiry work we will be reading a book called '10 Things I can do to help my world.' This book will give us some top tips on small changes we can make to help protect the world that we live in. You may see your children starting to use some of these at home! 



Picture 1


As part of our RE learning we have been focusing on Prayers, Saints and Feasts. We learnt about Holy Days and started to learn about All Saints Day which place on November 1st. As part of this we decided to learn more about the Saints linked to our school houses. We conducted research using the Learn Pads and presented what we had found to the rest of the class. 



We have spent some time learning how exercise is important. We created some our own exercises and used these in PE. We also worked on our balances. We pretended to be pirates and balanced on one leg. We tested how good our balancing was by resting objects on each other and seeing how many we could keep on us whilst standing on one leg! We also used team work to help move hoops over us whilst balancing. 

Do we get faster as we get older?


This week we started learning about how our bodies change as we grow older. We learnt about the 6 stages of human life. We thought about the above question and had a discussion about how we could test this. Here are some of our ideas -

"You could have a race between adults and children"

" You could race a toddler and an elderly person" 

" You could time how long it takes different people to run" 


Most of the class thought that we didn't get faster as we got older because we are all faster than an elderly person. However some people thought that we did get faster because we are all faster than babies! 

We decided to test one of the oldest children and one of the youngest children in class and found that they were very similar. We then tested a child against an adult (Miss Fleet!) to see who was faster and found that the adult was actually slower! We concluded that there were lots of factors that caused people to be slower or faster (Miss Fleet is still blaming her shoes!) but we do know that just because you are older than someone it doesn't mean you will automatically be faster! 



The Story of Amos


Over the last few weeks we have been looking at the story of Amos. We have learnt that he was alive during a time where people were very poor and the rich didn't share with them. Miss Fleet asked the question - 


'Why should the rich share with the poor when they don't know them?'


We had a good discussion about this and came up with some excellent responses including -

" We are all a part of God's family"

" It is selfish not to help"

" If we don't help, who will?"

" It could be us needing help one day"


We also worked in small groups to act out the story, thinking about how different people felt when Amos told them to be kind to one another and share what we have to help others. 

Week 2

This week we started looking at our new book – 10 things I can do to help my world. We thought about ways that we could help the world to show that we care for it. We then read the book and thought about how we can follow some of the tips. We created informative posters to help people make small changes to help the world.

In Maths we have been learning about fact families and number bonds. We started to look at how we can use these to solve problems. We also started to learn out 2, 5 and 10 times tables!

In Enquiry we starting our new focus – All About Me. We named and labelled parts of our bodies and wrote sentences to describe the job that each part does.

In RE we continued to learn about Creation. We learnt the story of Amos and retold the main parts. We also thought about how Amos would have felt during the time and wrote diary entries to show this.