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Year 3 Elm

Elm Class

Welcome to Elm's class page. Here, you can find out what we've been up to and what's coming up. We are very excited about the year ahead and we hope you enjoy looking at our wonderful work! Please visit again soon to follow our learning journey across the year.
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Elm class PE days. Term 2:      Monday - Outdoor PE

                                                     Thursday - Indoor PE

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Term 2


Our Enquiry:

How are ancient Egyptian Mummies made?


This term our enquiry is supported by 'I Was There...' by Sue Reid. We will be taken on an Egyptian journey through the term to find out how and why they made mummies.



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Week 7

The festive spirit has caught up with us this week with the KS2 carol concert, KS1 Nativity, the drama club performance and all the Christmas cards filling up our post box! However, we have managed to complete a number of ongoing projects this week including our Egyptian portraits. The children have used many techniques and skills to produce these pictures and they have really embraced the style and patterns of the art. We hope to display these in school with our Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics writing.

In maths we are beginning to explore how multiplication and division work together as inverse operations and in writing we have continued with our instructional texts. Our RE unit of Advent has led us to listening to the story of The Chimes to think about the special gifts we can give at Christmas.


Week 6

This week in Elm class we have been busy with assessments, however this has not held back on our learning in other areas. We have been to Bristol Museum to learn about all things Egyptian. We were able to hold artefacts, one of which was over 3000 years old! We also went upstairs to the gallery to look at the paintings of St Mary.

This week we have been looking at instructional texts in writing and have used this to help us with making Egyptian self-portraits. We have also learnt about Santons in RE and moving closer to Christ in Advent.

Week 4

This week in Elm class we have been continuing with our enquiry of how to make an Egyptian Mummy. We have used a range of resources to learn about the different Gods and many rituals that took place. We have finally finished our book, “I was there…” by Sue Reid but we will keep dipping back into it to support us with our writing skills leading up to Christmas. We have also been unpicking worded problems in maths and using our multiplication understanding to solve them.

In RE we have been looking at Advent and how physical and spiritual journeys play an important part at this special time of year. Drawing on our knowledge of Mary from our Saints topic, we have been able to reflect on how she felt on her own journey. During the next few weeks we will be looking at our own kind of journey in preparation for Christmas.

Week 3

In Elm class this week we have been really testing how broad our curriculum is! We’ve covered ball skills in hockey, identifying Egyptian landmarks in geography and explored how to stay safe online. In our core subjects we’ve been learning about Sikhism in RE, multiplication in maths and how we can turn simple sentences into compound sentences in writing. It’s a wonder how our brains are all staying awake!

Our enquiry topic has really taken off this week. We had lots of fun exploring Egypt on Google Maps and working out why all of the towns line the River Nile. We had a go at ordering key events in Egyptian history and couldn’t believe how long ago the pyramids were built. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at hieroglyphics and how Egyptian mummies were made and we are getting very excited about our visit to Bristol museum.


Week 2

On Thursday we celebrated our class Mass and were overwhelmed by how many of you joined us. The children were bursting with excitement throughout the week and having friends and family there made it a truly special occasion. Thank you so much to those of you who contributed to the refreshments afterwards, and for making it a wonderful community gathering. A very special thanks to Fr Jim, too!

Amazingly, we have still managed to cram some learning into our busy week! In writing we have continued looking at adverbs of time, place and manner. We are up to chapter five in ‘I Was There…’ and are eagerly awaiting to find out if Ali has found Tutankhamun’s tomb. In maths we have been applying the bar model to support our subtraction skills and Mrs Towers has been catching us out with the wrong answers!

We have also spent time this week learning about Hallowe’en, All Saint’s Day and All Souls Day. We all had the opportunity to add names of loved ones to the November book of remembrance and shared a very moving, peaceful reflection together.

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Week 1

Term 2 has been a whirlwind of preparation and celebration! We have had great fun learning about Hinduism this week and the festival of light, Diwali. On Wednesday, we were kindly presented with diva lamps and Derrin showed us how to light them. The children really enjoyed making Rangoli patterns, learning about Rama and Sita and listening to all the excitement Hindu families have at this time of year.

In our enquiry we have begun reading ‘I Was There…’ by Sue Reid. Although we haven’t had our wow day yet, we have been summarising the text using adverbs of time and manner to support our writing. In maths we have been playing bankers and thieves to help us with exchanging in subtraction.

We have also been busy preparing for our Class Mass which is next week. We were very happy to see Fr. Jim on Tuesday. He joined us in class to answer the children’s questions and talk to them about the different parts of Mass.

Term 1

Our enquiry:  What is the place between?

Our enquiry this term is inspired by 'Leon and the place between' by Angela McAllister. We will be exploring how shadows are formed and how illusions make us question what we see.

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Week 8

The last week of term 1 has been very busy indeed! We have solved some very challenging problems to prove our skills in addition. We have also written our own stories, using story maps inspired by the surprise in our suitcase! In Art we re-created the mechanical animals from ‘The Place Between’ by Angela McAllister. We traced the outline to create shadows for our display outside out classroom. We finished off our Prayers, Saints and Feasts unit in RE by reviewing all that we had learned. We know so much more about our House Saints now as well as St. Mary.

We had our termly computing day on Thursday using the new Chromebooks. We each logged on, changed our passwords and discussed how Chromebooks are different to iPads and Laptops. In the afternoon we all joined out online classroom and worked together to type, save and upload some of our work. We also discussed online how the Chromebooks could be used in other curriculum areas.

We are very excited about what next term brings. We have our Class Mass on Thursday 15th November and we have already started making plans to make it a special and meaningful celebration for the class.

Week 7

Elm class have been continuing their enquiry this week through exploring translucent, transparent and opaque materials. We have recognised that the stained glass windows around our school are great examples of this and have even designed our own to make next week. In maths we have continued with column addition and carrying over to the next place value. We have also continued with using inverted commas for direct speech in writing and have learnt a very catchy song to help s remember!

In RE we have been exploring the words in the Hail Mary prayer and linking this to scripture. We have recognised that the Angel Gabriel and Elizabeth spoke to Mary, as recorded in Luke’s Gospel, and these words make up the prayer we know so well today. As you can imagine, the links between our enquiry work and RE have been quite exciting this week!

Week 6

In Elm class this week we have been busy learning how to use inverted commas to show speech in a story. We have discovered that character voices should only be used where there are speech marks. In maths we have been using dienes for column addition. We remembered the importance of using place value headings for our hundreds, tens and ones. Without these, column addition gets very confusing!

In RE this week we have been exploring the life of Saint Mary. We learnt that raising Jesus as her son was very hard work, but throughout it all she never lost her faith in God. In our PHSE session we have worked in teams to make cars. We had delegated negotiators to swap resources and observers to see who was working well as a team member.

Week 5

Elm class have been exceptionally busy this week! We’ve been learning how to use commas in lists and we have used this in writing about The Place Between. We have been listing the things that Abdul Kazam hides and we hope to display this writing soon. In maths we have been looking at how numbers are written in words and on Tuesday we has some maths challenges from Mr Bracey where we had to find the pattern in number sequences.


This week we started our new Prayers, Saints and Feasts topic in RE. We had some year 6 children come and tell us all the interesting facts about our house saints. In our house groups we made lists of the qualities that our saints had. It surprised us to learn that many saints were not always as good as they should be, but because they changed and listened to God, they led a good life.


Week 4

This week Elm class have been busy working on noun phrases in their writing, inspired by ‘Leon and the place between’ by Grahame Baker-Smith. We’ve also moved from comparing numbers to ordering numbers in maths this week. Our science enquiry has led us to making sunglasses and we’ve even been testing them out in the good weather we’ve had. In PE we’ve been exploring different ways we can move our bodies and displaying some fantastic purple learning by encouraging each other. As our RE unit on Creation comes to an end we have been reflecting on how Jonah felt being called by God to do His important work.


Week 3

This week in Elm class we have been learning that God calls each one of us by name. We have learnt the story of Jonah trying to run away from God and have added actions to help us remember it. During PE we have been developing our throwing and catching skills using basketballs outside. On Friday we had our mindful PSHE lesson with Jino and discussed his worries for Year Three. The class had some great ideas to reassure Jino and make him feel at ease.

Week 2

The start of week 2 began with excitement on our WOW day. With a darkened classroom we explored how to make shadows using our interactive whiteboard, light boxes and an over-head-projector. We made shadow puppets out of card and explored what happens when various objects block the light. We also took the time to see how the professionals do shadow puppetry with a clip of sleeping beauty which left us in amazement. 


We've also been getting back into the flow of learning by revising the skills we learnt in year two. We've dipped into 'The day the crayons quit' by Oliver Jeffers to inspire some letter writing and reminded ourselves how to use bar models to link related facts in maths. In RE we recalled what happens at a Baptism and explored how each one of us has a name that us unique to us.

First week back

Our first few days in Elm class have been very busy settling back into school routines and gaining the responsibility of being in key stage 2! We have been discussing how to be a purple learner and identified how we feel when work is too difficult or too easy. We discovered that we learn best when we take a positive approach to our work and feel support others. We've also discussed the importance of friendship, how our hands can be used in a variety of ways and how we are stronger together as a team.