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Year 4 Oak

Oak Class
Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.
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Term 2

Useful information


Outdoor PE - Monday

Indoor PE - Friday

We will be spending the first 2 weeks of term 2 finishing off our enquiry; 'why does it snow?' before immersing ourselves in our new Power of Reading book 'The Green Ship' by Quentin Blake.
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Roy Lichtenstein


This term, we were given the artist Roy Lichtenstein to study. We analysed his work and combined it with the knowledge we had about the effect of different brushes to produce self portraits mimicking his style.



We have been developing our knowledge and understanding of division by using the bus stop method to divide three digit numbers!

Prayers, saints and feasts


We explored the story of Mary and Martha in RE.  Mary and Martha invited Jesus to their house for dinner.  While Jesus was there, Martha did all the cooking while Mary just stayed and listened to Jesus.  Martha was furious, however when she told Jesus, he said that she should be more like Mary and spend time with him.  In order to express our understanding of the story, we wrote diary entries and prayers for Martha based on the lessons she learned.


The Green Ship


This term, Year 4 will be sailing away with The Green Ship as our Power of Reading text. To immerse ourselves in this wonderful story, we started off the term with our art unit. Our focus was to look at the effect of using different brushes. After trying out the many different brushes, we used what we had learnt to copy the illustration of the green ship, focusing on mimicking the style of Quentin Blake. This was a two step process. First, we selected the right brushes to create the background using a variety of greens that we mixed ourselves using just yellow and blue. Then, once the background had dried, we used fine liners to bring detail to our piece. We were most impressed with how closely they match the the Quentin Blake illustration! 



As a part of our enquiry 'Why does it snow?', we were placed into groups and were given the task of creating a presentation to show to the rest of the class. The presentation would test our knowledge on what we have learnt so far. Working collaboratively, we produced very interesting and detailed presentations. 



We have been investigating different types of clouds and their features.  We have learned that clouds are named based on their size and altitude.  We also discovered which clouds form the ice crystals that make snow!



As part of our enquiry, Why does it snow?, we have been investigating the water cycle and the part it plays in the formation of clouds.  We created labelled diagrams and also designed 'water cycles in a bag' to see if we could see evidence of the water cycle working!

Online Safety


We kicked off Term 2 by looking at how to be safe online.  We learnt that pictures do not always tell the whole story and it is important to check how reliable they are.  In order to prove how easy it was to create an image that is unreliable, we took perspective photographs in the playground.

Term 1

Our enquiry - Why does it snow?

Year 4 are starting the year as scientists! We will  be looking at the characteristics of solids, liquids and gases before focusing our attention on conducting scientific investigations. We will be setting up simple practical enquiries to look at the melting speed of different solids, and measuring temperature changes over time. We shall then use this data to draw simple conclusions and present our findings. Finally, we will look closely at the water cycle and consider our enquiry question: Why does it snow?#

Alongside our enquiry we will be reading Robert Swindells's novel 'Ice Palace'

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In maths we have been using the bar model to identify subtraction problems and the column method to solve them.

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Using the Real PE curriculum, we have been developing our ABCs through a series of target games as well as improving our communication skills.



Today, we continued to read more of our Power of Reading text- Ice Palace. The main character, Ivan, continued his quest to find his brother who had been taken by Starjik. It wasn't long before Ivan came upon a group of villagers who were dancing a jig and having fun. To help us immerse ourselves further in the text, we too got up, cleared the classroom floor and did a bit of line dancing. Not quite a jig but fun all the same!

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This week we explored the importance of trust and why we shouldn't gossip.  We created role play scenarios and designed anti-gossiping posters for the class.



This week, we investigated how long it took different solids to melt.  About 95% of the class predicted that the ice would melt the quickest and the chocolate would melt the slowest.  Therefore, 95% of the class were very surprised when the ice was in fact the slowest to melt!



This week we have been using the column method to add 4 digit numbers together as well as using the bar model to help us identify which operation to use to answer the problem posed. 



In RE we investigated the story of Abraham and his son Isaac.

'We found out that Isaac was going to be sacrificed because God was testing that Abraham still trusted him'




In writing this week, we have learning about complex sentences. 

'We have learned that in the complex sentence, we have one main clause and one subordinate clause' 

'We learned that the different subordinating conjunctions are; while, as, when, after, before and because'

'We have learned that when the subordinating clause is at the beginning of the sentence you need a comma'

States of matter

We learnt about what matter is today and the three states of matter: Solids, liquids and gases.  After learning about their properties, we went outside and pretended to be particles in each one.



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In week 3, we continued our investigation into the story of creation by learning how God has created us in his image. The children designed ‘Wanted’ posters stating all the qualities that God would want in human beings:


In week 3, we are developing our understanding of compound sentences focusing on using four coordinating conjunctions: and, so, but, or. Take a look at a sample of our wonderful writing:


In week 3, we have been developing our strategies for rounding numbers and in particular rounding to the nearest ten, hundred and a thousand. Look below to see the work of our marvellous mathematicians in Oak Class.


In week 2, we began our learning journey through investigating the story of creation. From reading the bible extract Genesis 1: 26 – 31 we designed story boards to the show the creation story. Here are some examples:


We made fake snow in class today to kick start our new enquiry: Why does it snow?