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Year 4 Oak

Oak Class
Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.
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Term 2

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Indoor PE - Monday

Outdoor PE - Thursday

How powerful is art?

This term, Year 4 will be sailing away with The Green Ship as our Power of Reading text. To immerse ourselves in this wonderful story, we started off the term by studying the power of Quentin Blake's artwork. Our focus was to look at the effect of using different brushes. After trying out the many different brushes, we used what we had learnt to copy the illustration of the green ship, focusing on mimicking the style of Quentin Blake. This was a two step process. First, we selected the right brushes to create the background using a variety of greens that we mixed ourselves using just yellow and blue. Then, once the background had dried, we used fine liners to bring detail to our piece. We were most impressed with how closely they match the the Quentin Blake illustration!

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Bench = ??


Term 2 has begun and in Oak class, it has started with a bang! We began the week by wrapping up Ivan’s adventure to save his brother, where he managed to save not only the children but Starjik as well. We then introduced our new power of reading book, The Green Ship by Quentin Blake. We have been exploring how Quentin Blake creates such powerful images and how they add to the story he is telling. We practiced mixing colours to see if we could recreate some of his wonderful backgrounds in preparation for designing our own Quentin Blake inspired art work.


In Maths, we have been exploring the bar model. We have been using it to understand and check complex questions.  In order to understand how it could be used fundamentally, we posed problems in the hall and asked the children to use creative and practical ways to produce solutions.  There were some wonderfully inventive answers including: Hoop = skipping rope + cone + bean bag!

Term 1

Useful information


Outdoor PE - Monday

Indoor PE - Wednesday

Our enquiry - Why does it snow?

Year 4 are starting the year as scientists! We will  be looking at the characteristics of solids, liquids and gases before focusing our attention on conducting scientific investigations. We will be setting up simple practical enquiries to look at the melting speed of different solids, and measuring temperature changes over time. We shall then use this data to draw simple conclusions and present our findings. Finally, we will look closely at the water cycle and consider our enquiry question: Why does it snow?


Alongside our enquiry we will be reading Robert Swindells's novel 'Ice Palace'

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Particles matter


It’s been another busy week in year 4. We have been expanding our knowledge of states of matter in enquiry by learning about the arrangement of particles in solids, liquids and gases. We even became particles ourselves on the field! We have also investigated if gases are actually matter. We did this by observing the weight of an empty balloon verses and full balloon. Our observations proved that gases are matter as the have weight and take up space!


In Maths, when have continued to develop our understanding of place value buy round numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. In English, we have be exploring Ivan’s thoughts and feelings after his brother disappeared and using fronted adverbial phrases to enhance our descriptions of the events. RE has been extremely thought provoking as we explored the words of St Francis and how they can help us become better stewards of creation.



We are back! Start of year 4 has been a nice busy one. We are very excited about our new enquiry, ‘Why does it snow?’, which we launched this week. During our wow day, we made snow and observed the similarities and differences between fake and real snow (we also had lots of fun making finger angels!). To ensure that others could make snow whenever they wanted, we also created ‘cooking show’ style instructional videos.


Maths has started off this year with place value. We have been developing our knowledge of 4 digit numbers by partitioning and identifying the values of individual digits. In RE, we have begun our year by studying creation. We have been learning about what it mean to be a steward of creation and linking our knowledge to Pope Francis’ speech form ‘World Youth Day’.