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Year 5 Pear

Pear Class

Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out all about our wonderful learning journey. Here you will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from Pear Class! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

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We have our very own Pear Class email! If you wish to contact us, please do so with the secure form below- we will be checking it regularly. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Enquiry Overview- How Does Art Enhance Storytelling?

Term 2

This term our enquiry is, How does art enhance storytelling? We will be investigating and evaluating a range of storytelling methods, including plays, audio books, stories told through music, art and text. Our final 'prove it' will see us put together a class e-book starting with a music composition to go alongside our descriptive writing based on our Power of Reading text. 

Fire Art!

The poor Princess in our Power of Reading book is freezing cold and can't move from her bed. The King is worried and has demanded that she be made warm once more. Using this as inspiration, we went outside to create our own fire art using natural resources.

Ocean Blanket

Our Power of Reading book has moved forward and there is a stranger in town. He believes that he has the power to warm up the freezing Princess but, in return, he must take her hand in marriage.

I'm " cold as the Ocean is," stuttered the Princess. With this in mind, the stranger presented the Princess with an 'ocean blanket', filled with things found in the ocean in an attempt to make her warm again. Pear class took inspiration from this and we decided to create our own 'ocean blankets' to try and warm up the Princess.


For our WOW, we took part in different activities that explored how art can enhance storytelling. We read extracts from stories, performed well known fairy tales and had a go at sequencing stories just from looking at the pictures. In the afternoon, we listened to a a range of music and explored how music and art can be linked. We have had a brilliant day and look forward to starting our new text.

Online Safety Day

To begin Term 2, we had a whole school Online Safety Day. The main focus for our day was to make ourselves aware of the possible dangers that we face when online. We had a particular focus on pictures and explored what would be safe and what would not be safe to share online. We listened to particular scenarios and used role play to explore how to deal with them; we looked at a range of emojis and discussed their meanings and possible misunderstandings and we created posters to inform others of how to keep safe whilst surfing the net!

Term 1

Enquiry Overview: Can I help save the Amazon Rainforest?

This term, we will be exploring the Amazon and asking ourselves: 'Can I help save the Amazon Rainforest?'Through this enquiry, we will explore where the Amazon is situated and understand how the climate differs from here. We will discover the wonderful creatures that inhabit it and explore why this incredible biome is under threat.

Harvest Samba

In week 5, Pear class performed their Harvest Celebration play to the rest of the school as well as parents and carers. The play aimed to teach people about the importance of Harvest. We did this through song, audience interactivity and drama. We put all of our effort in to preparing for this show and feel extremely proud of our accomplishments.

In other news, Pear class have been learning about decimal numbers in maths. We looked at their place value and used this knowledge to compare, order and round decimal numbers to 3 decimal places! We have also been investigating rainforests some more and have written letters to Ms Wilson to persuade her that we can do more to save them...

Harvest Celebration Time

It's that time of year again where we have the opportunity to give thanks for the food that we eat. In Pear class, we have been preparing for a very important religious festival - Harvest Festival.

We have been tirelessly rehearsing for our performance which we will be performing to the rest of the school on Friday 6th October. It contains songs, drama and an important message for all of us to think about at this special time of year.

Where is the Amazon Rainforest?


We have been exploring more about rainforests in Pear class. In particular, we had a look at where we would find the Amazon Rainforest on a map. We discovered that it covered many countries in South America but it is mainly found in Brazil. We also noticed that all rainforests, including the Amazon, were situated between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer - either side of the equator!


As our Wow, to introduce our enquiry on the Amazon Rainforest, we went on a school trip to Bristol Zoo. While we were there, we took part in a workshop on rainforests. We learnt lots of interesting information about the different layers within a rainforest and the animals that live there. We met some different animals too: a stick insect that camouflages itself as a leaf, a hissing cockroach and a tenrec. We had great fun and are looking forward to learning a lot more during our enquiry.