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Year 6 Cherry

Cherry Class

Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often as we will endeavour to update our page regularly.

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Key Information


PE days this term are:    Monday - indoor

                                       Thursday - outdoor (with Bristol Sport)

Class Newsletter

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We have our own Cherry class email! If you wish to contact us, please do so with the secure form below- we will be checking it regularly. We welcome your comments and suggestions. It is also useful if you have any (non-urgent) comments or messages to get to Mr. Jelf!

Term 2

Our enquiry: How do offspring inherit characteristics?


Our enquiry in Term 2 is based on the book Wonder by R. J. Palacio. This is a story about a young boy, August, who has Treacher Collins Syndrome. The plot takes us through his very first days at school and we learn how he is treated by others just because of the way he looks. We will go on a journey with August and discover the emotional roller-coaster that he takes as he steps into school life. Throughout the term, we will be using the text as a stimulus for our writing and will also be learning about genetics and how this effects the makeup of us

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Prove it


To conclude our enquiry, we thought about what would happen two different animals produced offspring. Whilst we learnt that this could not happen successfully in real life, it allowed us to show our knowledge of inheritance. We thought about the characteristics of both parents (maternal and paternal) and then thought about which characteristics the new species would inherit - inherited characteristics. We then thought about the unique characteristics that the new species would inherit as we know that although we may look similar to each other - we are all individuals! 

PE - Tag Rugby with Bristol Sport


This Term, we have been lucky enough to have two coaches from Bristol Sport come in and take our outdoor PE lessons. We have played lots of different games that helped to build up individual skills that could then be applied to tag rugby. We have had a great time and really enjoyed the sessions. 

Science - Labradoodle


In science, we have been learning about evolution, adaptation and inheritance. Initially, we looked at how different animals have evolved and adapted to the surroundings they live in and why they needed to do that to survive. We then moved on to look at inheritance and how our parents pass on certain genes and that is how we get some of our characteristics. We also looked at the fact that we also develop unique characteristics which helps to make us who we are! 


Below, we thought about a Labrador and Poodle and what their offspring would look like. We thought about the characteristics of both the maternal and paternal dogs and chose some of these that the Labradoodle would inherit and then also gave is some of its own unique characteristics.  

Wonder - Direct and Reported Speech


During our work on Wonder, we learnt about direct and reported speech and what the difference was between them. We learnt how to use them in our writing and then applied them to a range of different scenarios linked to Wonder. Here are a few examples of our 'Use Its' (applying our skills) below.

Lifeskills Centre


During week 3, we went on a trip to the Lifeskills centre in Bristol. During the morning, we were shown around various different scenarios by the volunteers. Each one focused on a different skill that we may, although some hopefully not, need to use at some point in our lives. They ranged from helping someone who was injured to paying for items in a shop and making sure we had the correct change! It was a great morning and we all came away having learnt something new!  



To begin our work around the book Wonder, we discussed the front cover and the blurb and then predicted what the book would be about. We then used the front cover for inspiration and created our own faces in the same style before putting them onto a big piece of paper to create a class display of them. After this, we read the first couple of chapters and discussed what we initially liked and disliked about the book. 


Can you work out who is who?

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Science - Classifying living things


During the first week of Term 2, we spent two days looking at Living things and how we can classify them. We looked at the way in which scientists classify all of the living things in the world which is estimated to be over 10 million different species! After looking at this, we then used a branching diagram to classify some members of the cat family, using the questions to work out which cats were what. 


We then spent some time creating our own branching diagrams. Initially, we were classifying something we all knew well, sweets! We came up with our own questions and managed to do really well. We then spent some time classifying different types of birds or butterflies. 

Online safety


To kickstart Term 2, we had a whole school online safety day. We spent the day thinking about how we can be safe online and how we should be acting, in particular with the images we share online. We did some role play/freeze frames around the types of images we thought were acceptable to post online and ones that were not. Following this, we then produced a poster that we thought shared the key messages from the day. 

Our freeze frames from online safety day. 

Term 1

Our enquiry: How were the people of Britain affected by the First World War?


This term, we are excited to be learning all about WW1. We will be exploring how it all began and who was involved as well as ways that the war affected every day life. We already have so many questions which we can't wait to get answered!

Alongside our enquiry, we will be reading Michael Morpurgo's wartime novel 'Private Peaceful.'


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Prove It - War Reports


During Week 7, we filmed our war reports that we had been researching, planning and then rehearsing over the previous weeks. Initially, we researched different aspects of the war individually. After we had completed some of our research we got into groups and thought about which aspect of the war we would like to report on. We then set about doing some more research and planning our reports. Finally, we rehearsed them in class and made sure we knew who was saying what and when! 


In the hall, we then used 'greenscreen' to make it look as though we were in a news studio or 'in the field' to film our reports! Some of them are shown below...we hope you enjoy them!    

Group 1

Still image for this video

Group 2

Still image for this video



This term the school value we have been focusing on is trust. As a class, we have discussed what trust means and why it is important to be able to trust people and ensure we try and keep people's trust in us. During week 6, we thought about gossiping and how this could lead to breaking someone's trust. In small groups, we acted out a short role play, showing gossiping and thought about what we should have done in those situations. We also produced some anti-gossiping posters. 



During indoor PE this term, we have been working on our balance and agility through the use of Real PE. One of the ways in which we have shown these skills has been through games of bench ball after practising the skills. 

Propaganda Posters


After looking at some replica examples of propaganda posters, we planned and designed our own versions. We thought about making them appealing to the audience we were targeting and made sure we tried to make them 'speak' directly to the people reading them. 

What does the story of Moses tell us about God?


Following on from last week, we looked at the story of Moses in a little bit more detail. We watched a clip from when God spoke to Moses in the desert and asked him to go and free the Jewish people from Egypt. Throughout the afternoon, we had lots of discussions around what the story told us about God and explained why we thought that. To end the afternoon, we then wrote up some of our ideas making sure we gave reasons for our thoughts. 



During Week 3, we began looking at the story of Moses and linking it to creation. We also produced our front cover page for the creation unit. Here are some examples below. 

Road Safety


During week 2, we had the road safety team come in and teach us how to be safe when out using the roads, riding our bikes or travelling in cars. It was a really fun afternoon and we all learnt a lot about how we can play a big part in making sure we keep ourselves safe. As part of one activity, we saw how good the polystyrene inside a crash helmet is as it protected an egg from cracking - simulating how it helps protects us! Check out some of the photos from the afternoon below. 



For our WOW, Bombardier Evans (a teacher from another school, otherwise known as Mr Evans) took on the role of a WW1 Officer and came in to tell us all about WW1 and show us some of his fantastic artefacts. During the session, we learned how to march properly and understood how important it was to follow him exactly. He said we were really good at it so we even tried to do a ‘wheel’ – marching around in a big circle!


In addition, he also talked us through the impressive uniform he was wearing and allowed us to pass round some of the objects to see what they were like! The real (but not dangerous!) bullets and the replica army biscuits were amongst the favourites!