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Being Purple Learners

Picture 1
Purple Learning is the school’s strategy for developing good learning behavior. It focuses on what learning is, behaviour which moves or blocks learning and helpful and unhelpful talk.
We use two different analogies to help the children understand Purple Learning. In Years 2 to 6 we use a target coloured red, purple and blue. If the children are in the red zone, the learning is not challenging them; in the blue it is too challenging but in purple there is the right level of challenge (not too easy or too hard); this is where the children should aim to be.

Reception and Year 1 we use a purple bus. The red is represented by a bus stop, the blue by a stop sign and purple by the bus.

So what is a Purple Learner?

A Purple Learner is someone who:

Tries hard

Has a go at tricky things

Thinks for themself

Makes an effort

Keeps going

Does the best they can!

Here is what 6DP said about purple learners:


A purple learner is someone who...

'... pays attention all of the time and is focused on their task.'

'... always listens and concentrates. They always try their best.'

'... always gets involved.'

'... always joins in with discussions.'

'... keeps going, even if it is hard.'

'... helps people if they are stuck.'