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Reception Willow

Willow Class
Hello and welcome to Willow class' webpage! Here you will be able to keep up to date with everything that is happening in our classroom and follow our learning journey. You will be able to join us as we adjust to life in school and see all the exciting things that we do. Please keep checking in to see what we have been up to!

Term 5

Not by the hairs of my chinney chin chin!


What a fantastic we we have had again in Willow class. We have continued looking at money and have sorted coins from the smallest amount to the largest amount. We have also looked at some word problems involving money and focused on using a number line to help us work out the answer. In Literacy we have been continuing to read the Three Little Pigs. We have thought of describing words for the wolf and created wanted posters! Some of us have also retold the story in our own writing. We have also used books in the writing area to create lots of our own stories. They are fantastic! In topic we looked at plants and talked about how they grow and what they need to do so. We have also talked about all we have learnt in RE in the past term and created a mind map of our fantastic learning. We learnt about the prodigal son in our collective worship and what the story means. 

Artists in the making!


Wow what another busy week in Willow class! We have been looking at money in maths this week. We have looked at recognising the different coins that we have in the UK. We spoke about the queen and other important figures who appear on notes. The children have been able to correctly identify a range of coins and are beginning to solve some addition and word problems relating to money. We have also looked at ordering numbers to 20 which the children completed independently! The children have also looked at weight and have been predicting how many cubes an object might weigh before using scales to find out how close we were. In Literacy we have been looking at the story of he Three Little pigs. We have written some amazing speech bubbles with key quotes from the wolf. Some of us have even made a story plan ready to write our own version of the Three Little pigs next week. We have continued our topic about farms by looking at animals we might find there. We looked at baby and adult animals and matched these up. We also had the pleasure this week with a visit from a special Lampedusa cross. We created our own Lampedusa crosses after a special assembly about them. We are all very proud of the crosses we made. We also finished looking at events of Holy Week. We used water colours to create a piece of art to represent the emotions of Good Friday. We have had a very busy but enjoyable week! 



We have had an amazing first week back in Reception. Even though we have had a short week we have not wasted any time jumping right back in. We have been looking at capacity this week. We have looked at full, half full and empty. We have also compared container sizes and how this affects how much liquid can be held. We even began looking at millilitres! The children could solve some word problems by the end of the week on capacity which can be really tricky! In our writing we have been writing about all the fantastic things we did during the holidays which Miss Gregory has enjoyed reading. We have also began our new book the Three Little Pigs. We have written some speech bubbles for the wolf. In RE we have looked at Palm Sunday and what Jesus did and how it was a happy day. We are really enjoying being back at school and Miss Gregory can’t wait to see what amazing learning we do next week.

This Term our topic is called 'On the Farm'. We will be looking at some favourite fairy tales based around familiar animals as well as a Julia Donaldson favourite 'What the Ladybird Heard'. The children will be focusing on the seasons and will be completing some seasonal walks to talk about what they can notice that has changed recently in the environment. We will also be looking at baby animals in Spring and the life cycle of some of the animals such as chicks. We will be looking at plants, how they grow and what they need. We also hope to end the term with a trip to Grimsbury farm-all will be revealed soon! 
Picture 1
Picture 1

Term 3

We are Curious!


We have had a very busy two weeks! We enjoyed creating fact files all about bats last week and our writing was really impressive. We looked at 1 less and how to find 1 less from a group of objects. I hope you all enjoyed the snow. It was very beautiful and can be lots of fun! This week we have had a really interesting week. We had internet safety day on Tuesday where we learnt about how important it is to ask permission and have consent when playing online. We talked about when to ask an adult for help and learnt a song to remind ourselves. We spent time composing emails and texts in the writing area and designing our own tablets and games. On Wednesday we had a fantastic day out to We The Curious. The children were so well behaved and were a credit to the school. We enjoyed exploring all the different investigation areas. We particularly enjoyed the wobbly room, the tornado and the lego construction area. We explored lots of different habitats in our Go Explore! Workshop and the children enjoyed using their senses to explore some amazing places such as the savannah and the jungle. Back in the classroom we have made some time to learn about 3D shapes and the properties of both 2D and 3D shapes. We have learnt the sign to sing song Greatest day and enjoyed showing the parents and carers our song in assembly with the rest of the school. We learnt about the church in RE and the role of Father Jim. It has been a fantastic week but we are all very tired now and are looking forward to a bit of a rest!

Bats Continued!


This week has been a very busy week in Willow class. We have continued our work on more and less by looking at how to add 1 more to different numbers. The children are now very confident at working out 1 more for numbers to ten and beginning to go beyond. We have also worked on recording our problems using pictures and number sentences. This week in Literacy we have continued our work on the book How to find a Fruit Bat. We have looked at the story and talked about the different animas we might find in the jungle. The children spent time moving like different animals which we then used as a stimulus for our writing which has been super! We have been looking at habitats and different parts of the world and how these are different. We made class posters about hot and cold places, about what we might find, what we need to wear and also any countries that we know of that are hot or cold. We also spent time finishing off some work on Christmas with the children creating a story map of the Christmas story. We also spent time reflecting on the story of the Good Samaritan and how we should help others and what this may look like. Miss Gregory is very proud of all our hard work! We also had a lovely Friday afternoon with year 5 who came to read to us. 



We have had a wonderful week in Willow class! We have continued learning about our new story how to find a fruit bat. We have studied world maps and talked about where bats live. We have found out lots of different facts using the Internet and some children have made fact sheets in their choosing time. We have also talked about where we have been in the world and the people we know. We have identified countries on the map that have a special meaning to us. We would love to add some photos of the children's travels to our world display if you would be able to bring any in! We have also been looking at more and less in maths. We have become very confident at identifying more or less of objects and given numbers. We have made the link between bigger and smaller and more and less. We had a great time explore different dance moves in PE and used some good coordination skills when using the parachute. We have begun learning about the value of perseverance. The children were all able to identify times that things can be tricky and we talked about the importance of keeping up the effort when we find things hard. It's been a super week!

Welcome Back!


We have had a very busy first week back and we have really enjoyed getting back into the swing of things. We have begun a new story called ‘How to Find a Fruit Bat’ which has led to lots of research to find out new facts about bats. We have used the internet to find pictures of bats and watch some short clips. We have written sentences about the facts we have learnt during our choosing time. We have been learning numbers 6-10 this week in maths and had developed some great new maths games to play with our friends outside. We have also been looking at positions and how to describe where we are in relation to other people. We have been thinking about the Christingle service that we had at the end of last term and what the Christingle symbolises. We really know our stuff now! We have spent time talking about kindness and how we might react to other people if they do something unkind and what we might do instead. The children had some great ideas and have been trying to use these in the classroom. We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Term 2

Merry Christmas Everyone!


This week has been so much fun in Willow class! We have performed our Nativity show to all parents and grown-ups and we had so much fun and really enjoyed ourselves. We loved dressing up and sharing the work that we had been doing with you all. Miss Gregory was so impressed with how well we sat, listened and remembered everything that we had to do. We have been making Christmas decorations this week-we hope you enjoy these new additions to your Christmas trees! We had lots of fun making them. We have also been making Christmas cards for you all. It has been a very fun, arty week. We had a fun PE lesson creating assault courses to work through as well in the midst of art and Nativities! We enjoyed a wonderful Christingle service today and we all sat beautifully with our year 6 buddies and we were really sensible with the candles. We are so excited for Santa now and to spend time with our families. Merry Christmas everyone!

Santa Claus is coming to town!


We have had a very busy and unusual week this week in willow class. We have been working our socks off to practice for the school nativity play. We look amazing in our costumes and we performed to the school today. We did such a good job and Miss Gregory was very impressed with how well we sang. We can't wait to share our show with all our grown ups! We have written letters to Santa this week. We all worked really hard to use our sounds and we know that Santa will be impressed. We had a surprise visit from him this week and he gave us all a present for being so well behaved this year. We loved seeing him in school and gave him a magical Ho ho ho as he left, We are beginning to get very excited about Christmas! We had a lovely Christmas dinner altogether on Wednesday. It was such a lovely experience. The food was so tasty and we all thought Miss Gregory looked very silly dancing around he hall! We created Christmas party hats to wear in the hall using lots of different materials and media. We enjoyed using the glitter! We have also begun creating some lovely Christmas decorations which we hope to show you next week. We are looking forward to a restful weekend before we show you our nativity show which we have worked really hard on and engaged in some lovely end of term activities.



We have had a lovely week in Willow class. We have continued our learning on the story 'Naughty Bus'. The children created several ideas for sequels. We chose the most popular option and worked as a class to create a story map of our idea. We then noted down what we needed to make our own pictures of the story to create our own book. We set to working making a large cardboard castle, some funky aliens, a space rocket and some alien letters! We took varying photos today and we will be compiling and writing our book together next week! In maths we have looked at recognising dice patterns and addition and subtraction within 5 using the part part whole model. The children have shown fantastic recognition of dice patterns and are confident in their number knowledge. We have begun learning songs for our nativity this week and we are doing really well! We have finished learning our set 1 sounds and we are now focusing on blending. Our reading is really impressive! This is also supporting our writing. Lots of us have written sentences this week! What a fantastic week of learning. Enjoy a well deserved weekend!

All aboard!


This week has been a great week in Willow class. We have been exploring our new story ‘Naughty Bus’. This children have been predicting what they think would happen in the story and when we read the story they created a story map together as a class. The children have enjoyed the bus station and bus wash role play area outside and I have enjoyed many trips to Disneyland and fancy dress parties on the bus this week! They have also used various materials to create their own London buses. The children have been working hard on their sounds and are doing a super job of learning to read and write CVC words. I have been really impressed with their labelling in their writing books this week. The children have also learnt the rules for counting and have been applying these rules in their play and learning. We have talked about remembrance this week. We talked about the people who sacrificed themselves for our today and we designed medals of thanks. We have begun to practice some nativity songs and will be focusing more on these next week. We have raised money for children in need by dressing up and we have enjoyed a range of art and craft activities based on Pudsey bear! We also enjoyed a visit froom the road safety team and learnt some rules to stay safe when out and about.

Festivals and Celebrations


We have jumped straight back to it this week and have had a very busy week! We looked at bonfire night and talked about the History and reasons for it. We looked at firework safety and the different things we need to do to stay safe on bonfire night. We created firework art and learnt a poem about bonfire night. We have also been learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali. We have learnt the story of Rama and Sita and have acted it out as well as created some beautiful story maps. We have created Diva lamps used to light their way home and we have looked at patterns and focused on rangoli patterns. We have looked at missing numbers in maths and have made attempts to record our ideas.

Term 1

Expert listeners!


Wow! We have had a fantastic last week of school. We have created some wonderful story maps of our story arrrgghhh spider! We have remembered lots of the story language used and our teachers are really impressed. We have been ordering numbers with our ordering number song and some of us have ordered numbers as high as 20. We also counted out the correct amount of objects to match our numerals. We have enjoyed messy play with shaving foam and paint and we have been exploring water colour paints. We have learnt about the Wedding in Cana this week and we can recall key facts of the story. We have been going into assemblies for the first time this week and we have impressed all the teaching staff with how well we can sit and listen. We are really excited to spend a week with our families now. Happy Half term!

Super Mathematicians 


Another busy week in Willow class. We have been reading a new story called arghhh spider! Which we have all enjoyed! We know it really well, we might even be able to tell you all about it if you ask us. We have been labelling a picture from the story and Mrs Hopewell and Miss Gregory are amazed at how good we are at writing already! Lots of us have been labelling with initial sounds and simple words. We have spent a lot of time learning about the number 5 and we can represent 5 in lots of different ways, create number bonds to 5 and talk about numbers that are more and less up to 5. We have continued to learn about the story of Jesus lost in the temple and we learnt about Jesus’ family and some of the people who would have been important to him. We are getting really good at reading tricky words and our growing knowledge of sounds is amazing!

Superhero Readers


Another busy week in Willow class! We have continued our learning about the Gruffalo. We have created a story map for the book and we have also identified the initial sounds of some key characters! Our tricky word knowledge is ever growing - thank you parents for helping us at home! We are getting confident with blending word time 1 words and are set to move on to set 2! We are super readers! We have become more confident in our writing this week with lots of mark making happening everywhere! In Maths we have continued to study numbers in depth. We
have looked at adding and we have ordered numbers. We have ordered objects by height and length and created Gruffalo characters out of shapes. In RE we looked at the story of Jesus lost in the temple. We enjoyed acting it out as a class and thinking of different facial expressions. We have spoken about how we are all unique and special this
week and how no one is the same. We are excited to have some family time and a rest now!

Full Time!


This week we have been in full time and we have had such a good week! Mrs Towers taught us on Monday and we had a great time reading our new story the Gruffalo. We have enjoyed doing lots of writing about the Gruffalo this week as well as making masks and puppets. We have been learning about shapes and have enjoyed making pictures with shapes. We have done lots of RE this week and we have learnt about the Creation story and the different things God made. We went on a walk to point out all the things we could see that God made. We also went on a walk to collect bits of Creation to help us make a collage which we hope to display in the school! We have continued to practice our sounds and have learnt some new tricky words. We are all quite tired now and we are looking forward to a lovely weekend!

All together now!


We have enjoyed spending the mornings altogether this week! We have been trying the scrummy lunches and have been behaving really well in the dining hall. Our year 6 buddies have been great and they come and sit with us and help us if we need it. We have been learning all about the story We are Going on a Bear Hunt this week. We have all shown great enthusiasm and we like acting out the story. We have created story maps showing our great memories and we have created puppets to retell the story with. We have been getting to know numicon in Maths this week and have been playing lots of games to become familiar with the different shapes and develop our reasoning skills. 

Sound superstars


Wow! We have had a really busy week down in Willow class and have spent the last few days altogether! We have started learning our sounds to help us read and we hope to start reading some simple words next week using our sounds! Miss Gregory is really impressed with how well we are doing with our sounds and how hard we are working. We have all made some pictures all about ourselves and some of us have shown Miss Gregory how we can write our names and some other words and numbers. We have enjoyed playing with all the new small world toys we have received and wearing the new superhero costumes. Thank you Mr Bracey! We have been learning the different prayers we use in school and are all being very respectful during prayer time. We can’t wait for next week!

First Day!


This week we have had our first day of school! We all look so smart in our uniforms and we have been having so much fun getting to know the classroom, school and our teachers! We have done a great job of learning the class rules and we try our best to follow them. Miss Gregory is very impressed! We are learning to sit sensibly and listen to each other. We are being really respectful of each other and are showing how kind we can be to our friends. We talked about being responsible this week and the children could all talk about things they are responsible for such as cleaning their rooms and tidying the classroom. We have had a fantastic first few days and we can’t wait to continue the fun next week!