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Year 2 Apple


Apple Class


Welcome to Apple's webpage. Here you will find information about our class and what we are learning.

The page will be updated regularly so please keep checking in to find out about the exciting learning journey that we will be on this year.





Term 6

It is the final term of Year 2! This is Miss Fleet's favourite term. It always a busy but fun term and the weather is (hopefully) nicer! 

Please remember to check the website and newsletter for important information this term. 


Dates for week 1 -

5th June - Father's Day Secret Room

6th - Apple Class cake sale



Brilliant Bristol


This term our topic learning will focus on Bristol. We will be looking at our local area and investigating how Bristol has changed over the years. We will be learning about famous events that have happened in Bristol and looking at the celebrations that take place in our city such as the Balloon Fiesta and the Harbour Festival. We will also be learning and Brunel and how he has helped changed Bristol. 


We will be creating a board in the classroom of photos. If you have any pictures of Kingswood or Bristol, old or new, please feel free to send them in. 

Week 2 update

We have had a great first 2 weeks of term 6!

In English we started by watching a short clip about a boy and his new dog. We thought about why the boy didn’t want the dog to begin with and then wrote diary entries to describe this. We also started looking at the Gruffalo and have written character and setting descriptions as well as writing recipes for the Gruffalo’s favourite food such as roasted fox. We have also written some non-chronological reports to describe the Gruffalo as if he was a real animal.

In maths we looked at how to collect and present data including using tally charts and pictograms. We were able to collect data and use it to answer questions. We also started to solve some tricky maths investigations, using logical steps to keep a record.

In RE we started learning about Pentecost. We learnt the story and thought about the signs of God’s love that we can see in the world today.

In topic we started learning about Bristol. We thought about what we already knew and began learning about different cities in the United Kingdom to help us to understand the difference between a city and country. We are creating a topic photo board of different places around Bristol. If you have any pictures of Bristol that are old or recent please feel free to send them in.


Term 5

Roald Dahl


Welcome to Term 5. Where has this year gone? I hope that you had a restful Easter break. 

This term is a short but busy one. We will doing lots of work in maths and English to remind ourselves of everything that we have learnt this year ahead of our tricky booklets that we will be completing in May. Alongside this we will spend some time learning about Roald Dahl. We will look at his most famous characters, act out some of his stories and create some of our own potions like those in George's Marvelous Medicine. 


To launch this new topic we will be having a Roald Dahl dress up day on Friday 26th April. We look forward to seeing all of the wonderful characters. 







Picture 1
Picture 1

Tuesday 21st May

Today we finished all of our tricky booklets (SATs) Miss Fleet has been so proud of how hard the children have all worked with these. They have shown resilience and determination throughout. Well done Apple Class!         

Week 4

This week has been another busy one!

In Maths we looked at place value and money. We found different ways to partition numbers and then applied this to find different combinations of coins that could be used to make an amount. We also solved some tricky word problems involving money, including giving change.

In English we have worked on lots of short burst writing. We closed our eyes to imagine a setting using our different senses and then wrote a detailed setting description from this. We also wrote a setting description of a beach using just an image. At the end of the week we selected strange characters including a talking cat, a flying worm and an angry clown. We then wrote diaries or stories about these characters. It was great to see the children using their imagination!

In RE we continued to learn about Easter. We looked at how the Disciples might have felt during the Resurrection and read the story from the point of view of Peter. We thought about the things that he might be feeling and thinking at different points.

In topic we finished our work with George’s Marvellous Medicines. We created some strange medicines by using the quote from the book -  “Quite simply, he was going to put in EVERYTHING.” The children will be bringing these home. Remember…. Do not try them! Or who knows what will happen!!

Week 3

Another week has flown by in Apple Class!

This week we worked hard on our maths reasoning skills. We looked how to solve tricky problems using all of our maths knowledge and applied these into our tricky booklet work on Thursday. Miss Fleet was proud of all of the effort put into these again!

This week we read more of our story ‘The Magic Finger.’ We found out that when Girl had put the Magic Finger on the Gregg family she had accidently turned them into birds! We wrote diary entries as one of the children describing how we felt when we woke up and realised we had turned into birds overnight.

In RE we looked at the Easter story. We thought about how different people felt during the Resurrection and used drama to act this out. We also wrote a short diary to describe the events from their point of view.

Week 2

We have had a busy but fun week in Apple Class!

We started the week by reading some of the story – George’s Marvellous Medicine. We thought about what we could put in our own potions and created a list of ingredients. We will make these potions next week. We will add safety labels so that no one eats them because who knows what will happen if they do!

In English we received a letter from Girl. She told us that her neighbours, the Greggs, were hunting animals. She told us that it made her so cross that she had put the Magic Finger on them! We wrote letters to the Gregg family to explain to them what was happening and try to persuade them to stop hunting.

In maths we practised how to find fractions of numbers. We also reminded ourselves of all of our calculation methods before we completed our first ‘tricky booklet’ on Thursday. We were able to apply all of the methods that we had learnt and all of us said that the booklet was ‘easy.’

Enjoy the long bank holiday weekend.

Week 1

We have had a fantastic first week back. It was lovely to see all of the children on Tuesday and to hear about the wonderful Easter holidays that they had. There were Easter Egg hunts, trips to the zoo and lots of holidays to Devon! I hope you all had a lovely break.

This week we have been revising our calculation skills. We used our maths methods to help us solve some tricky real life problems. We also started to recognise the link between multiplication and division.

We started our Roald Dahl topic this week. We wrote questions to Girl from the Magic Finger and we started to think about why her neighbours were hunting animals. We had a class debate around this issue and shared our ideas with Girl.

In RE we learnt about the Last Supper. We learnt about how Jesus was feeling during his last meal on Earth and acted out the main parts of the story.

Term 4


Welcome to term 4. I hope you all had a restful break and enjoyed the February sunshine!

We started this week with a launch of our new topic. The children were given different clues including a boomerang, a packet on Anzac biscuits, a picture of a kangaroo and a flag. They used these clues to work out that we are going to be learning about Australia! To launch our topic we tasted Anzac biscuits and read our story – Possum Magic. We also wrote some detailed character descriptions of the main characters, Grandma Poss and Hush.

Term 3


Our enquiry focus for Term 3 is Superheroes. We will be reading a book called Traction Man to support us with this. We will focus on how to design and create our own superhero costumes, learn about heroes who help us such as nurses and the police and we will be creating our own superhero stories! 





To launch our new topic we have a Wow dress up day! It was great to see the children dressed as their favorite superheroes. We spent the day learning about each of the superheroes we had in our class, including writing detailed character descriptions. We also thought about the adventures that they could go on and thought about all the things that make a superhero. 



Picture 1

We The Curious


This week we visited We The Curious. We learnt about lots of different materials and thought about which materials were best suited for making houses. 

Miss Fleet was very impressed with the way that all of the children behaved. We had a fantastic day! 


Still image for this video




For PE this term we have been learning about different balances with Miss Fleet. We have also been using our cricket skills in our lessons with Bristol Sport. Here are some photos to show our learning so far this term. 

Week 3

This week we have been writing our very own superhero stories. We used stories like Traction Man to help us create exciting stories where our heroes saved the day. Miss Fleet was very impressed with all of the effort that the children put into these stories and it was great to see so many of our writing targets being used.

In Maths we continued to learn about multiplication and division. We investigated the relationship between them by learning the golden rules about where the biggest number needs to be in the calculation. We also used all of our learning to solve some word problems.

In enquiry we designed our own superhero costumes and thought about the materials that we would need to make them. We also looked at plants that we eat in science and investigated why some grow in our country and some don’t.

In RE we started learning about miracles. We learnt the story of ‘Jesus Calms the Storm’ and answered questions around this. We thought about why Jesus asked if the disciples had no faith and how we can use this story to help us in our daily lives when we face challenge. We also created artwork to show what we had learnt.

Week 2


This week has been a busy week in Apple Class.

In Maths we have been learning about multiplication and division. We used arrays to solve problems and began to look at how to use sharing to help us divide. We also used this to help us to solve word problems.

In English we started to use apostrophes for contraction and to show possession. We used this to write our own descriptions linked to Traction Man.

In RE we finished learning about Christmas. We learnt about why the 3 wise men are important and we thought about what gifts we would give to Jesus and the reasons why. We also learnt about Mary and Joseph fleeing to Egypt and we discussed how we can think about this in our everyday life.

In science we learnt about the life cycle of plants. We ordered each part and thought about how these are similar to the human life cycle.

In topic we learnt about famous artists. We created our own Pop Art in the style Andy Warhol

Term 2

Fire and Ice

Our enquiry theme for term 2 will be- Fire and Ice. We will spend time learning about events from the past such as the history behind Bonfire Night and the Great Fire of London. We will also be looking at weather patterns around the world and spending time learning about the country of Iceland. 


For science we will be learning about materials. We will investigate the different properties and design products using known materials.


To support our enquiry area we will spend time reading a book called The Emperor's Egg. 


                                                            Image result for emperor's egg

Wow - toasting marshmallows 


To launch our new enquiry we spent some time investigating what happens to objects and materials when they are near fire. What better way to do this than to toast and eat some yummy marshmallows?! 

" The marshmallows were scrumptious" - Macey

" The outside was hard but it was soft inside." - Oskar

" They were so chewy" - Tavonga 

" The fire made them hot" - Finlay







The children worked so hard with their Nativity performance. They learnt all of their lines and sang their hearts out! We really enjoyed sharing our Nativity with all of our families. 


Merry Christmas from Miss Fleet and Mrs Kaur

Firework Art


Our first day back at school was Bonfire Night! We will be spending time learning about the history behind Bonfire Night in our enquiry learning. To celebrate we created our own firework art using pastels. 

Term 1

All About Me


To mark the start of our first term we will be learning all about what makes us special. We will be learning about humans and how they grow and what they need to help them to stay healthy. We will also be thinking about our goals for Year 2 and setting ourselves targets to help us achieve these. 


As part of our enquiry work we will be reading a book called '10 Things I can do to help my world.' This book will give us some top tips on small changes we can make to help protect the world that we live in. You may see your children starting to use some of these at home! 



Picture 1


As part of our RE learning we have been focusing on Prayers, Saints and Feasts. We learnt about Holy Days and started to learn about All Saints Day which place on November 1st. As part of this we decided to learn more about the Saints linked to our school houses. We conducted research using the Learn Pads and presented what we had found to the rest of the class. 



We have spent some time learning how exercise is important. We created some our own exercises and used these in PE. We also worked on our balances. We pretended to be pirates and balanced on one leg. We tested how good our balancing was by resting objects on each other and seeing how many we could keep on us whilst standing on one leg! We also used team work to help move hoops over us whilst balancing. 

Do we get faster as we get older?


This week we started learning about how our bodies change as we grow older. We learnt about the 6 stages of human life. We thought about the above question and had a discussion about how we could test this. Here are some of our ideas -

"You could have a race between adults and children"

" You could race a toddler and an elderly person" 

" You could time how long it takes different people to run" 


Most of the class thought that we didn't get faster as we got older because we are all faster than an elderly person. However some people thought that we did get faster because we are all faster than babies! 

We decided to test one of the oldest children and one of the youngest children in class and found that they were very similar. We then tested a child against an adult (Miss Fleet!) to see who was faster and found that the adult was actually slower! We concluded that there were lots of factors that caused people to be slower or faster (Miss Fleet is still blaming her shoes!) but we do know that just because you are older than someone it doesn't mean you will automatically be faster! 



The Story of Amos


Over the last few weeks we have been looking at the story of Amos. We have learnt that he was alive during a time where people were very poor and the rich didn't share with them. Miss Fleet asked the question - 


'Why should the rich share with the poor when they don't know them?'


We had a good discussion about this and came up with some excellent responses including -

" We are all a part of God's family"

" It is selfish not to help"

" If we don't help, who will?"

" It could be us needing help one day"


We also worked in small groups to act out the story, thinking about how different people felt when Amos told them to be kind to one another and share what we have to help others. 

Week 2

This week we started looking at our new book – 10 things I can do to help my world. We thought about ways that we could help the world to show that we care for it. We then read the book and thought about how we can follow some of the tips. We created informative posters to help people make small changes to help the world.

In Maths we have been learning about fact families and number bonds. We started to look at how we can use these to solve problems. We also started to learn out 2, 5 and 10 times tables!

In Enquiry we starting our new focus – All About Me. We named and labelled parts of our bodies and wrote sentences to describe the job that each part does.

In RE we continued to learn about Creation. We learnt the story of Amos and retold the main parts. We also thought about how Amos would have felt during the time and wrote diary entries to show this.