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Year 5 Pear

Pear Class

Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out all about our wonderful learning journey. Here you will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from Pear Class! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

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Key information

Class Newsletter

Term 3

In term 4 Pear class will be teaming up with year 6 to conduct an investigation into the story of the Three Little Pigs. The story that we all know and love has been rocked by a new claim that the wolf is in fact the innocent victim and not the pigs as we originally thought! We will be splitting into teams and working hard to collect evidence, compile setting and character analysis and produce persuasive pieces of writing in a bid to convince a judge that either the pigs or wolf are innocent. Who will emerge as the victim and who will emerge as the perpetrator is up to us!
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Term 2

Our enquiry: How can art enhance storytelling?

This term we will be exploring storytelling through art using techniques such as music, drama, painting, story sequencing and audio books. Our book this term will be The Princess' Blankets and we will be using this in both our writing and our enquiry lessons. We will be working towards creating a class e-book, incorporating a music composition to accompany the Princess' Blankets, pages of our art work and a commentary of the work we produce.

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Week 3


This week, Pear class have been focusing on 1 and 2 step word problems in our maths lessons, including multiplication and division. We have been using the bar model to try to identify which operations we need to use and then we put our knowledge of the column method and bus stop method to use to solve the calculations. In writing, we have been perfecting direct speech. We have been focusing on including the correct punctuation and using different words for ‘said’. We have also been looking at reported speech and considering how we can convert direct speech into reported speech to re-tell the opening section of The Princess’ Blankets. We have been creating ‘ocean blankets’ in our enquiry lessons, combining marine life with powerful descriptive vocabulary to make pieces of art which we hope will keep the Princess warm. We also had the opportunity to write messages of remembrance on our remembrance crosses which we have placed outside the school office. Please take a look and pay your respects if you get the chance.

Week 2

Week 1


Pear class have arrived back with a bang this week. The book we will be focusing on this term is The Princess’ Blanket. So far we have discovered that a poor Princess is trapped inside her palace, unable to move due to being extremely cold and unable to warm up. We used this as inspiration for our enquiry by performing the opening part of the story as a piece of drama. We focused on developing our facial expressions and body language to allow the audience to feel our thoughts and emotions. Furthermore, we wrote speeches to try and persuade the villagers to do all they can to help the Princess with her difficult situation. We are now looking forward to exploring this book more and finding out whether or not the Princess will finally become warm again. In maths we are practising multiplication. We are multiplying by two digit numbers and have discovered that we need to combine both multiplication and addition to do this.

Term 1

Our enquiry: Can I help save the Amazon Rainforest?


This term we will be researching the Amazon Rainforest. Throughout this enquiry, we will be encompassing geography, science, writing, mathematics, art, ICT and more in order to understand the dangers it faces and how we can affect and help to maintain it. We will be working towards creating our own campaign film, informing the public and persuading them that they can make a difference towards protecting our rainforests!


The book that we will be looking at to accompany our enquiry is: The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry.

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Week 6


This week has been an exciting week in Pear class. We had the pleasure of hosting our first year 5 class mass. We had several practises within class to ensure that we were fully prepared so that when the time arrived, we would be ready and raring to go. We were very thankful for all of the parent support which we received and we are still talking about the performance in our class today. It was a great experience for us. In maths we have been focusing on roman numerals. We are now able to translate roman numerals and numerals that we use in our everyday lives today. We can even write our birthdays in roman numerals! Furthermore, we have been exploring modal verbs in writing. We wrote letters to Mr Bracey to explain how we can make a difference and try to save the rainforest from school. We decided that we could recycle more, use both sides of paper and host more fund raisers. We look forward to putting our plans into action.

Week 5


This week Pear class had some surprise special guests come to visit. To help us to better understand the rainforest, and some of the animals which live within it, we met some Madagascan hissing cockroaches as well as a real life snake. Our rainforest expert gave us lots of important information about the animals as well as the places from which they originate. It was great to meet the animals and get a feel for how they move and act in the rainforests. In maths we have been exploring negative numbers. We have been ordering a mixture of negative numbers and positive numbers as well as interpreting negative numbers in context. Furthermore, we have been exploring modal verbs in our writing lessons. We have been using these to write persuasive paragraphs to raise awareness of the threats which rainforests across the world face. Practising our spellings has been a particular focus this week and Mr Hall was impressed with the amount of children who have improved from last week through dedication and practise at home – keep up the good work!

Week 4


This week, in Pear class, we have been studying the rainforest in more depth. We used the LearnPads to research different threats that face the rainforest including mining, farming, deforestation, poaching and damming. We collated all of our research to make a presentation which we delivered to the rest of the class. Mr Hall was really proud of our efforts and we discovered some really interesting information. We have also been refining our sketching skills. We used step by step instructions to help us draw a toucan. We found this a really important skill for our drawing moving forwards. In maths, we have been continuing our work on decimals and have been able to order numbers with up to 4 decimal places! In writing, we used our research to create non-chronological reports about the threats which our rainforests face.

Week 3


This week Pear class have been busy getting stuck into our new maths and writing targets as well as beginning our new enquiry about the rainforest. In maths, we have been strengthening our knowledge of place value, looking at how numbers can be split into tenths, hundredths and thousandths using decimal points. We brought out the dienes and even had to chance the play with pretend money. In writing, we have been exploring our outside area and using our senses to write setting descriptions about a ‘Secret Garden.’ We really enjoyed being outside and feeling the things that we were describing. We have also began our new enquiry on rainforests. So far we have explored some of the key words which we will be using and have tried our hands at developing our art skills through sketching rainforest animals. 

Week 2: Back up and running


This week in Pear class we have been getting ourselves used to normal lessons again. In Maths, we have begun to look at place value and why this is so important in helping us to understand number. We have been discussing what a million looks like and used our knowledge of place value, and making numbers ten times larger, to estimate how many blades of grass there are on the field. It was nice to do some outside learning whilst the Sun is still here! In writing we have been looking at recounts and using our targets from last year to show off to Mr Hall our writing skills. Furthermore, we have been looking at the Creation story in RE and have been using the Bible to understand it's different parts. It was also time to make our vote count during school council class elections. Mr Hall was so impressed to see so many people put themselves forward for this fantastic role of responsibility. The candidates all made a speech in front of the class, outlining why they should be elected to represent our class before conducting a blind vote. We are so excited to find out who has been successful!

First week back


This week has been our first in Pear class and we have come back with a bang! It has been strange moving to the second floor but we are getting used to it and are already enjoying being in year 5. So far we have explored what it means to be a good learner and have decided upon what we believe we should be doing this year to achieve this. Furthermore, we have been exploring online safety and learning about how strong passwords (both online and offline) can help to keep us safe and our personal information secure. Friday has been particularly exciting as we have voted for who we want to elect as house captains for our houses as well as completing a vote for who we want to represent our class on the school council. We can’t wait to discover who the successful candidates will be next next week!