Our final school Open Day is on Monday 9th December at 1.30pm
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At Our Lady of Lourdes we have four different houses. These are John Paul II (yellow), St. Teresa of Avila (red) St. Francis of Assisi(blue) and St. Bernadette (green).  The different houses represent saints from the Catholic faith.


Each week children around the school earn house points for being polite, being kind and considerate, helping others and working hard. These are given by adults and the children record these in their classrooms. House point monitors from Year 6 tally the total number of house points from each classroom. During Friday’s Celebration Assembly,  children from each class are awarded either a Head Teachers certificate for following the term's value (earning 20 house points),  a Write of the Week, Mighty Mathematician  or 100 club certificates (earning 10 house points).  At the end of each term there is a Shining Star chosen from each class who earn 100 house points!! All of the house points are combined by the house captains and a running total is created. Whichever house is in the lead ties their house colours around the House Cup for that week.


Throughout the year we will have a range of different inter-house competitions (the Easter Quiz, Pancake race, Sports Day, Talent show to name but a few!) where the children can earn additional house points!

To see who is currently in the lead, please look at the home page of our website!


House Captains


House Captains are elected by the other children to lead their house each year.  They are responsible for collecting the house points each Friday, rallying the support for their houses when we have inter-house challenges and representing the school when it has visitors.  In addition, they act as the role models for the rest of the school to look to.