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Welcome to our class page! Here you can check in and find out what we have been up to and find some useful information. 

Month of Hope Project - November 2020

P.E Days

Our P.E day is currently Friday. 

Term 2

Christmas preparation


This week we have been learning all about Advent. We have talked about how this is a time to get ready for Christmas which celebrates the birth of Jesus. We have talked about all the different ways we get ready and have begun some ourselves-wrapping presents, preparing decorations. We have also talked about how to prepare for Jesus we need to live more like Jesus by showing kindness. We have created a kindness Advent calendar which we are working hard to complete to help live our kind acts everyday. 



This week we have learnt about numbers 4 and 5 and how they can look different but still be the same number. We used numberblocks episodes to help us see all the different shapes we can make with 4 and 5 cubes. We then had a go ourselves using paint to show 4 and 5 in as many different ways as we could.

Our Lady of Lourdes


We spent some time learning about our school Saint Our Lady of Lourdes. We learnt about how a Saint s someone who is close to God. We read the story of Bernadette who met Mary in the cave in Lourdes many times. We found out about the spring which came and helped to heal many people and how people still go there now. We created our own artistic representation of Our Lady of Lourdes. 

Remembrance Day


This week we learnt  about Remembrance Day. We looked at the Poppy and what this represents. We talked about all the things we are allowed to do because people have fought for us to have rights and to keep us safe which means we have lots of choices in our life, can go to school and more. We created our own individual poppies before putting these together to create a Poppy Wreath in Remembrance of all those who have lost their lives. 

Term 1

Arghhhh Spider!


This week we have been enjoying our new story, Arghhhh Spider! We have really enjoyed retelling the story using a class story map and story language as well as creating our own freeze frames of different parts of the story. We labelled these as a class and are becoming much more confident with identifying initial sounds and sounding out parts of words together. We also created our very own spider pets to take home and look after! 



This week we learnt about a special building called a Church. We talked about how this is a place where God's family gather together to learn more about him. We learnt about Baptisms and how this is a way for people to be welcomed in to God's family. We each had a go at baptising a baby and recognised some important parts such as special water and the sign of the cross.

Who's that trip trapping over my bridge?!


We have been enjoying exploring the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. We have acted out the story, created story maps and asked the troll lots of questions about why he was so mean to the goats and what his biggest fears are! We had fun creating wanted posters for the troll and then created our own scary troll masks! We enjoyed reading the story with this on and joining in with all the troll's lines! 

Oneness of One


We have begun our Numberblocks learning journey this week where we study each number in depth to ensure a deep understanding that can be applied to all situations. We look at dice patterns, different representations, parts and wholes, vocabulary surrounding addition and subtraction, more and less, number bonds and so much more! This approach is seeing the children really develop a curiousity and a passion about numbers and their discussion skills surrounding number have already developed so much! Well done Reception!



We have been learning  all about God's amazing Creation. We have been learning about the natural world he has made. We watched 'A Wonderful World' video narrated by David Attenbourgh which really inspired us to make 'A Wonderful World' collage which was a mix of our own drawings and natural pictures which we searched for online. We went on a Creation walk and made Creation butterflies-only using things from God's Creation. We also learnt about ways to look after the planet by learning about Laudato Si and what Pope Francis thinks we can do to help.

First week finishers!


WOW! What an amazing first week we have had in Reception. We have really enjoyed becoming familiar with the classroom and our new classmates. We have become familiar with the environment and love scooting around on the bikes and playing in the stony maths area! We have had a great time learning about how God made the world and us! We know we are very special and loved. We have created self portraits of our unique selves and hope to display these to the school. We have gone on a nature walk and collected different things in God's creation. We used these objects to make a butterfly collage. We have enjoyed listening to a range of stories and songs. We also created all about me posters in our writing books and did some beautiful illustrations! We can't wait for next week to continue our fun and adventures!