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Our Lady of Lourdes is currently open to vulnerable children, the children of key workers, Reception Class pupils, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils, where a place has already been pre-booked.
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I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the cards, gifts and messages I have received this year. It has just blown me away and such lovely things you have written! It has been an absolute privilege to teach Reception and all the children this year and I am sad and sorry that it was interrupted slightly! I hope you all have a fantastic summer and I cannot wait to see you all back in September. 

Astronauts assemble!

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Work Gallery


Here you can see some of your home learning and your friends! Send anything your really proud of to the Office and it could end up here! 


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Here is a book to share with your child if they are feeling worried about COVID-19. 

Rainbow Pictures
Send me some of your rainbow pictures and we can share them here! 

Welcome to the new term!


Hello Reception! Welcome to a new term! I know you are all working really hard keep up the amazing learning. Beneath you will find speed sounds for all sets. Practice saying them with me daily. If there are any you are not sure of practice these in more detail with your parents focusing on one sound a day. Please do not move on to Set 3 sounds until you are highly confident with both set 1 and 2 sounds. When you begin learning set 3 please still watch set 1 and 2 to keep the sounds fresh in your heads! 

Set 1 Sounds

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Set 2 Sounds

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Set 3 Sounds

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PE Days

Monday and Friday


We had a fantastic time at a Yoga workshop! We enjoyed exploring a jungle and creating different poses to represent different animals that we saw on our journey. We found some balancing positions very tricky! We had lots of fun making animal noises and enjoyed developing our love for Yoga even more!



We enjoyed a visit to the church to see how different it looked during Lent. We talked about what signs and symbols we could see (or not!) in the church. We noticed the use of purple cloth as a sign of preparation and that there were no flowers in the church. We also looked at the crucifix and talked about how the cross is a symbol of Lent and why it is so significant to Catholics. The children also remembered that we could not say some special words of praise during Lent as we save them all up!

We are on a journey!

We talked about how Lent is a journey to get to know God. We went on our own journey and stopped at different points to explore ways we can grow closer to God on this journey. We looked at Praying, Giving, Fasting and saying sorry for the things we have done wrong. We recorded our ideas on class posters. 

Superhero Dancers!

We had a fantastic time dancing like our favourite superhero characters today! We developed a whole dance and we moved like Hulk, Ironman, Super Girl and more! We were fantastic at listening and really enjoyed ourselves. 

World Book Day!

We had a fantastic time celebrating our favourite books and characters. We looked amazing in our fancy dress! We brought in our favourite books to share and we enjoyed shared reading time with our year 6 buddies. We were disappointed when we had to put the books away! We enjoyed writing our own books, making book marks and sharing our scrap books from home. 

Bird Feeders!

As part of our mission to look after our world we worked alongside Year 1 to create bird feeders to help look after the birds during the winter. The birds enjoyed their food very much and made some beautiful chirping music whilst visiting our bird feeders. 

Environmental Fortnight

We had a fantastic time learning all about our Common Home and ways we should look after it. We learnt about all the different things God made and how everything is precious and unique. We create collages out of His Creation and made temporary art structures with Nature. We wrote a response to the Pope's call in Laudato Si making promises of what we will do to help take care of the planet. 

Planting a Plenty!

We had a great time preparing all the flower beds for our Feast day planting sessions. We got very muddy and enjoyed working with our Year 6 buddies to do something to help the environment. We didn't even mind when it started to rain and took a lot of persuasion to go back inside! 

We the Curious

WOW! We had our first trip to We the Curious and had such an amazing day! We learnt all about different habitats and were able to explore them using our senses. We loved the different smells, puppets and shells that we could touch and look at. We enjoyed the different exhibits, especially the wonky house and the Lego Build it area! We were a credit to the school and we can't wait to go on another adventure. 


We have enjoyed a range of festive activities since our Nativity play performance. We had a special visit from Santa who brought some wonderful books for us to read, we created Christmas hats and had our Christmas dinner, we had Christmas jumper day and a party afternoon with the whole school! We are so excited and have really enjoyed ourselves.


We have been learning all about the Sacrament Baptism and how we become a part of God's family. We talked about what the priest would do in a Baptism and acted out some of the key concepts we could remember in our classroom. We could all remember to make a sign of the cross on the baby after putting water  on its head. 

That's Not Cricket!

We enjoyed  a great 'cricket' session today! The children were able to learn some basic cricket skills through a fantastic alien world exploration trip! We ran from planet to planet swapping balls between and sometimes high fiving other aliens! We really enjoyed ourselves!

Music Week!

European Day of Languages!
The children spent the day learning some languages including German, French and Maltese. We are very grateful to our parents who volunteered to help us widen our language skills! We dressed up in chosen country colours, recreated their flags and designed our own.