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Year 5 Pear

Welcome to Year 5 - Pear!


Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we've done and more.
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Term 6


Dear Parents and children of Pear Class. Welcome back to Term 6. Please click on the link below to download this terms newsletter. Here you will be able to see what learning is planned for this upcoming term.

Term 5


During Term 5 the children had an exciting and enjoyable time learning about fascinating space! The children learnt a great deal and were very excited by their new-found knowledge. In our writing lessons we focussed on ‘The Moon Man’ and created wonderful art and pieces of writing to read. In maths we conquered fractions, decimals and percentages! We can apply this now in numerous ways and enjoyed using our Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract approach.

Science Week


Why do we have day and night?


We have now begun looking at our enquiry topic this term. The children have been learning about the planets in our solar system and their order. Have a look at the cool planet song we have been looking at below!

Planets Song Video

The Planets

In class we have looked in more detail at the size of the planets and how far away they are from one another. To understand we used fruits and vegetables to scale to see the planets here on Earth!


How does the moon move around the Earth?

We have been looking at how the moon and Earth orbit the Sun. After research, we went into the playground to try it out!



Pear class were also very lucky to see a presentation from Gracie Davies. Gracie prepared her informative powerpoint at home then presented her new found knowledge at the front of the class. Thank you Miss Davies!



This term we looked at the book  Moon Man by Toni Ungerer. The class really enjoyed reading the book and writing about the create pictures. In groups we also got the chance to act out some of the scenes from the book.


Easter Break Homework

Please find attached below the homework set for Pear class over the Easter break. This homework will help the children revise and prepare for next terms topic.

Term 4

During Term 4 the children’s learning was jam-packed. Our science week was a great success and the children thoroughly enjoyed learning about materials and their varying properties. Towards the middle of the term, the children enjoyed reading ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes. Improving our knowledge of multiplication and division was great and we loved creating our highwayman artwork. You can revisit the work we did below!

The Highwayman


This term we have been reading ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes. We have been in suspense to find out what happens!



Science Week!


This week Pear class have been investigating ‘Are all changes reversible?’. On Monday we have our final challenge. See below the children investigating and experimenting in class!


Alien Soup Investigation


Properties of Materials

The children spent lots of time discussing the properties of materials. We then put our knowledge to the test to see which materials were soluble and insoluble!


WOW Morning

We looked at the result of mixing corn flour, water and food colouring together. The children discoved that when the solution moved it became a solid but when it was left it became a liquid! We all concluded that mixing these materials was irreversible!


E-Safety Performance

On Tuesday 21st February our school watched a fantastic performance on E-Safety. We learnt about how to be safe online, how to protect ourselves and who to talk to if anything happens when we are online. Pear class had lots of contributions and answered questions. The slideshow below show some of the brilliant performance we saw.


Term 3

In term 3 the children had great fun learning about the Vikings, addition and subtraction and how to write fantastic reports. You can see some of the things the children particularly enjoyed below!


“It was fun writing our non-chronological reports and drawing our Vikings!” – Keith and Poppy

“I liked using the bar model in maths.” – Gracie

“I enjoyed learning about the Viking invasions.” – Ciaran

“I liked working in a group to create our informative posters.” – Mikha

“I liked our WOW day and writing my recount.” – Jeremiah

“I enjoyed decorating my Viking shield” – Cristiano

“I found it fun completing the Viking quest as a class.” – Isabella

Our Viking Quest!


Below is the link to a Viking quest game the children enjoyed at the end of today. The children discussed and had to decide as a group what the best plan of action for their Vikings would be when preparing to raid Lindisfarne!


Reasoning in maths

Today (06.02.2017) we learnt the importance of reasoning in our maths and put our new found knowledge and vocabulary into practise with our groups. You can see our great group work and explanations below…


Viking WOW Day

Below are the images from Pear’s Viking WOW Day. We had a great day finding runes, creating shields and even acting out the Viking Saga ‘Thor and the Giants’.


Our Values Day

At the beginning of term all the children in the school spent the day learning about our new school values. Pear class focused on trust and why it is an important values to hold as both a school and individual learner. See below the fun we had investigating trust!


Our Purple Learning Day

At the start of term we began to learn what ‘Purple Learners’ were and how we can be brilliant learners. We discussed how we can be movers and blockers in our learning and whether we should use helpful or unhelpful talk in the classroom. We also learnt the importance of perseverance and why we should always try our hardest. Below are some pictures of our purple learning day…



Reading is essential to your child’s development and has a direct affect on their spoken and written ability.  Supporting you child to read at home helps develop a love of reading and will improve their vocabulary and spelling and their written and spoken language skills.

If you need advice on suitable books for your child or want to borrow books from school please come and talk to me alternatively visit the website below.


Useful websites

Below are links to useful websites that will help you support your child’s learning.



Homework Help

BBC Learning



Maths Games

More Maths Games

Even More Maths Games

Roman Numerals




Spelling Practice

Punctuation Practice

Grammar Practice

Spelling and Grammar Games

More Spelling and Grammar Games


Curriculum details

Below you can find links for curriculum objectives and weekly overviews, this will give you details of what we will be teaching your child this year.  If you are unsure which band/group your child is working at please refer to their end of year report or please come and speak to me.