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Year 6

Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often as we will endeavour to update our page regularly.

Pupil Questionnaire - April 2020


Please fill in the pupil questionnaire about your time in Year 6, remember all the amazing times we had be it, on camp, creating our apple companies, our world earth day campfire lunch or anything else you enjoyed. Send your completed forms to

Term 6

Home Learning Gallery

Home learning update - Term 5, Week 5

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English Guidance - Term 5, Week 5

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Maths Guidance - Term 5, Week 5

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Maths Guidance - Term 5, Week 4

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School closure


Whilst school is closed, please see the class page for any information and weekly check ins. The planning for the next two weeks are up and there are plenty of useful links at the bottom of the pages to support learning.  I will keep uploading the Maths answers station sheets for you all to mark your work. I can’t wait to see what you have all achieved while working from home! Stay safe. Stay home. Protect the NHS. Save lives 

Term 5



Have a look at some of the RE work you have done this term. Some excellent thoughts and prayers for our heroes in the NHS as well as a really thoughtful and creative way of praying at home.


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Check out the amazing artwork that you have produced using some of the techniques set in your home learning.

English home learning


It is amazing to see your creativeness being sent in - please keep them coming! Check out the writing that you have been creating at home - these have been a joy to read.

Science - Circulatory system


Check out the inspired examples of the science learning we are producing at home. Alway good to see what blood would look like if was made out of plasticine!

Clarice Cliff inspired Art


Have a look at some of your incredible art-work inspired by the ceramic artist Clarice Cliff. It is brilliant to see the use of colour and shape to really bring these vases to life. Keep up the great work!


Send in your artwork to! Keep up the good work!



Exploring our planet and the continents within it. Here is a wonderful presentation created by Olivia and Sylvia, labelling map expertly and then accompanying it with some interesting facts about each part of the globe. I wonder how many pf the places, in their fact file, Mr Hall has visited. 

We also have a fantastic presentation from Ollie about the oceans of the would. Locations, facts and wildlife of some of the most fascinating  ecosystems on the planet.

RE home learning - Resurrection art!


I'm sure you are all appreciating and analysing the incredible range of resurrection artwork in you home learning packs. Below are some examples of work completed at home. Do you agree with what you classmates think about the art work? Have you seen the same symbolism? What is the same about your art work and what is different?


Remember to keep sending work into - lets keep celebrating your efforts!



Have a look at some of your amazing art work. Check out the use of colour, thickness of lines, shadow effects. How does that change the image? What do you like and why?


Send in your artwork to! Keep up the good work!

Term 4

Answer station for home learning week 2

Hello - Challenge time!

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Step time

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Maths Answers Station - Week 2, Days 1 and 2

Working from home!

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Maths answer stations - Days 3, 4 and 5

Happy Friday - send your pictures into the office

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Answers to day 1 and 2 of Maths


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Hope everyone is staying safe and getting on with all the work I set for you. Keep an eye out on the website for more updates

UK Houses of Parliament


What an incredible day and an incredible privilege to visit the UK Houses of Parliament on, of all days, budget day! The Palace of Westminster was a wash of journalists and MPs hustling and bustling as we all eagerly waited of this country's first post Brexit budget. All of this added to the enchanting atmosphere of the home of UK politics as we were guided around the incredible history of our great nation. We were able to walk in the footprints of monarchs through the robing chambers and into the House of Lords; stand and admire the rooms in which so many world leaders have spoken and countries have gained their independence as well as having poignant moments of reflection as we stopped in the very space that Guy Fawkes was captured and walk past the spot where the gunpowder was discovered as the gunpowder plot was ultimately foiled.


After soaking in so much of our nation's history, we learned about how our political system works during our workshop. We had to vote for a leader and answer questions about campaigning and how to effect real change in our country.


We then, on the way home, were treated to a tour around some of London's famous landmarks which was wonderfully commentated on by our tour guide, Miss McLoughlin. It was a truly inspiring day and one we will not forget.


Hooke Court!


Camp is on the horizon and we are all looking forward to going to Hooke. It's going to be wet, cold and exciting, everything camp should be! We will be using our time at Hooke Court to inspire our writing for the beginning of this term.


We will also be enjoying the rest of 'Kensuke's Kingdom' as our class text.

Dance workshop


Today, we enjoyed a wonderful dance workshop enrichment session. We began by warming up and thinking about all of the muscles that we use during dance. Once warm, we then thought about the movements we could use to show differing emotions (happiness and anger) and after all of that, we put the movements together into a smooth choreographed dance routine.

Hooke Court Day 3 - Bridge the Moat


Day 3 was a rather wet one! As the rain fell around us and others headed for the covers, Year 6 battled on to build and use bridges without tutor, Dan.  We began by building and walking across tightropes. We learned how to ties the ropes effectively in order to take our weight. We then worked as teams to help each other walk across them.


After mastering tightropes, we moved on to building tripod structures in order to bare more weight and become the foundation of our bridges across the moat. Once these were completed, it was time to cross the moat. We split our teams in two and challenged ourselves to build bridges in order to transfer a log across the moat without it getting wet (or any more wet!). The teams worked outstandingly well together and most of the groups were successful with the challenge in very difficult conditions. 

Hooke Court Day 2 - Tribal Kingdom and Campfire


Day 2 was our 'Tribal Kingdom' day. Our day began with some extremely incredible magic tricks from our tutor, David. He split us into two tribes in which we were tasked to elect our own leaders.


Once leaders were elected, it was time to design our tribal face paint and tribe names. It was done, Rising Phoenixes and The Mighty Falcons, our two class tribes.


David then set us a scavenger hunt challenge in which we had to work as a team to find as many of the items on the list around the grounds of Hooke court.


The afternoon took place in back in the woods. Still working closely as our tribes, we build settlements using logs that we found around us. We build many different shelters and then built a communal area which was perfect for a snack of biscuits and squash! After the settlements were successfully built, we choreographed our own tribal dances in order to welcome the other tribe into our villages.


In the evening, we rejoined Charlotte but this time for a campfire sign-song and jokes. The weather was incredibly clear which meant we could appreciate the glory and wonder of the stars looking down at us. This really set the scenes for some real good fun around the campfire - including was wondrous dance moves!

Hook Court Day 1 - Ramble to the Magic Tree


We have arrived safe and sound. We are enjoying our accomodation and the love of all the wonderful staff at Hooke Court.


Day 1 saw us arrive and almost as soon as we had dropped off our bags, we were off on a ramble to the Magic Tree with our Tutors Alan and Charlotte. The walk was incredibly muddy and very exciting! As we walked, Alan showed us all the signs of wildlife as well as the different types of trees and wildflowers. We even found badge sets, which we decided to explore - head first of course!


In the evening, we explored the ground blindfolded with our tutor Fiona. She taught us how to give clear commands and work as a team. We they go into team, navigated the grounds before making our way around a roped course, which included many obstacles and lots of clear communication!

Term 3

Kensuke's Kingdom


'I disappeared on the night before my twelfth birthday...'


This term we will be studying the fascinating tail of 'Kensuke's Kingdom' by Michael Morpurgo.  Using Michael's experiences to write character descriptions and explore the rollercoaster ride that was his childhood. When he was washed up on a desert island, with only his dog for company, Michael's future looked desperate and hopeless. However, after curling up to sleep, he awakes to a plate of food beside him. He is not alone...

Andrew Goldsworthy - Using the Awe and Wonder of the natural world


As part of our Environmental fortnight, we have been enjoying the awe and wonder of creation. Andrew Goldsworthy is an artist and sculptor who uses the natural world to create truly inspiring art. We studied his work and use it to inspire our own sculptures using things we found in our natural environment. We also linked our learning about the environment to include messages about creation and some of the challenges it faces in the world today.

Upcycling - creating beauty out of rubbish


After planting such natural and wondrous beauty in the playground, it was time for us to prove that even things often classed as rubbish could be beautiful. We began by taken plastic bags and cutting them into strips. We then wrapped the strips around wire, which had been bent into shapes of bugs. They were then heated in order to harden them and have made a wonderfully creative addition to our planters.

Feast Day - Lets get planting!


As part of our feast day, we have been brightening up our local environment by planting flowers in the planters that we put around the playground. In the spirit of the community theme, we also supported our 'buddies' with their planting to really embed a legacy of stewardship across the school.

Earth Day - No Power day! - Caring for our common home!


We celebrated Earth Day by spending the whole day without power. We prepared our own lunch and cooked it on a campfire, which we started ourselves (with the help of Mr Stephens). It was a wonderful day and we really showed what we could do if we had to survive without power!

Term 2



During Term 2, we will be using the inspiring text ‘Wonder’ by R. J. Palacio as a stimulus for our writing. This is a story about a young boy, August, who has Treacher Collins Syndrome. The plot takes us through his very first days at school and we learn how he is treated by others just because of the way he looks. We will go on a journey with August and discover the emotional roller-coaster that he takes as he steps into school life.

Investigating Our Lady of Lourdes Church

After a beautiful mass at the church, where we were able to worship and reflect with the parish community, we were invited by Father Jim to learn about all the signs and symbols of the church.  We learned so much from Father Jim and thoroughly enjoyed our signs and symbols treasure hunt. This session definitely added another dimension to our time in church.  


This week, we were extremely excited to be trying something completely new. Indo-Boarding! It was incredible. We were coached by a professional indo-boarding instructor who taught us the best way of balancing and stay on our boards for the longest possible time. It was a very enjoyable session and we developed skills that could be applied to other sports.

Lest we forget!


As November has been our month of remembrance, we reflected on the sacrifices others have made for in order for us to live our lives today. We walked to the local war memorial to remind ourselves that people from our community also made the ultimate sacrifice and we should not forget them.


After spending a very poignant time thinking about all the brave souls from our local community, we decided to honour them by designing and dedicating a poppy, individually, expressing why we were so grateful. On remembrance day, we walked back to the war memorial and held our own service of reflection and laid our poppies amongst all the other messages of thanks. Lest we forget.

Term 1

To begin Year 6, we will be studying rich and varied world of ancient Maya. We will be using the traditional Mayan folk story 'The Chocolate Tree'  to support our investigations of the civilisation that gave us CHOCOLATE!

National Apple Day... Week!


It was National Apple day and what better way to celebrate it than researching the import and export figures of a variety of apples to and from the UK. With brexit on the horizon, we saw a gap in the market and decided to see if we should all leave school and begin selling apples. We researched to see if there was a gap in the market, cost of equipment and land, even interest rates on a business loan. We then used all of this information to write a business plan for our apple businesses. Year 6 did such an amazing job that it looks like we might not be in school long as the profit margins were incredible - we just need a bank to loan us the initial million pounds to get started!

Forest School


Over the past weeks, Mr Stephens (our esteemed Forest School leader) has been conducting forest school sessions with Year 6. We have learned many survival skills, such as shelter building and fire lighting as well as an infinite amount of life skills including communication, teamwork and resilience. 

Make Kingswood Cleaner!


Being part of a community takes more than words. We have sprung into action to become an active part of our community and help make Kingswood Park a nicer, and safer, place to be. We loved litter picking and the impact it had on the area and we can't wait to get back out as it makes a real difference.