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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2's class page!


Dear parents, carers and children,

Welcome to Year 2's Class Page! You will be able to find out about the learning in class, and keep up to date with other important information. The children have made an excellent return into Year 2 and have settled well. 

If you have any questions regarding the class please do not hesitate to contact the school office ( and we will get back to you as soon as we can!


Kind regards,


Ms Williams



Important information


Our PE days are Wednesdays and  FridaysPlease ensure your child comes to school in their PE uniform. If possible, if it would be preferred that children do not wear earrings on PE days, however, if this is not possible they should be covered in micropore tape. Please ensure long hair is tried back.


Our Class Mission


In Year 2 we aim to be kind, respectful, excellent role models and try our best. We will celebrate our uniqueness. 

Term 5

This term we are exploring The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon by Richard Adams. Some of us have made our own egg box dragons who have been causing all kinds of trouble! We will be writing wanted posters, instructions, our own stories and invitations to a very special party for our Queen!

Ramadan and Eid


This week in RE we learnt about celebration in Islamic faiths. We looked at Ramadan and even celebrated our own Eid where we created our own meals to be eaten as a community. We linked the Muslim faith with Christianity; fasting, praying, holy books and much more.

School trip to Grimsbury Farm


This week we were fortunate enough to visit Grimsbury Farm. We saw an array  of farm animals and asked lots of questions. We even saw a quail that was born on that day! 


Some of the questions asked: 

"What is the life cycle of a guinea pig?"

"How old do donkeys live?"

"What breeds of cows are there?"


Thank you to all of the adults that helped and made the day possible.


Key Stage 1 worship 10.05.22


Miss Cohen led Key Stage worship this week and included some outdoor learning for all of us. The children were asked to make beautiful Easter gardens; working collaboratively across year groups and really showing off the community that makes our school so special!

Collective worship 05.05.22


3 of our children have spent their time creating an amazing collective worship on 'creation' this week. They read from Genesis and explained what they thought the meaning behind the story is. We then all joint in prayer and song. Great work team!

Term 4

This term we will be following George in 'The Dragon Machine'. During our time exploring the text we will be rewriting the beginning of the story and eventually writing a recount of an very interesting interaction with a dragon!

London's burning


Mr Stephens helped us burn London down today! Thank you for all the help making the houses, they truly looked amazing! What a way to end our unit of work.

Class worship 29.03.22


This week we were lucky enough to have two children from the class deliver class worship. They chose the theme of 'Love' and wanted to spread the word of God. The children picked the music, reading and activity. They chose to create love heart cards for the children to design and decorate, explaining why they love God. Great work team! 

The Great Fire of London


We started looking at The Great Fire of London in History this week. As it started in a bakery, we ate some delicious bread and thought about all the tastes and smells in the bakery at the time. Ms Williams didn't explain to the children straight away why they were eating bread and some of their ideas are below!

Term 3

In English this term we will be looking at The Hodgeheg by Dick King-Smith. This is the story of hoglet called Max on his search for a safe place to cross the road and visit the park opposite his house. The children will be looking into how Max feels through diary entries and writing some informational texts about Hedgehogs.

We the Curious


We were lucky enough to go to We the Curious at the end of term 3. We took part in a rainforest workshop where we learnt about food chains and life cycles. We then got to explore the museum and interact with all the amazing exhibits. Thank you to all the adult helpers that came and made the trip possible.

What we are learning in maths

In maths, we have been looking at arrays this week. We took the opportunity to get the counters and whiteboard pens out. In the pictures you can see some of the amazing year 2 pupils showing off their new skills in class!


This week in RE we have introduced Revelation to the children. We discussed how God reveals Himself through Jesus' miracles. However, first we needed to know the difference between magic and miracles. Mr Hall very kindly came down to Year 2 and showed us a magic trick. Impressive as it was, we worked out that that he did this using slight of hand and was not powered by God. We then discussed what we already knew about Jesus' miracles in class.

Year 6 helpers


This week we were lucky enough to have some of our Year Sixes in to help us with our RE. We looked at the journey that the Wise Men had to undertake and how they felt when they arrived in Bethlehem to find a newborn baby. 


Thank you Year 6!

Farm day


During our first week of term 3, year 2 were part of 'Farm Day'. Ms Williams went home during the Christmas holidays to the family farm and wanted to share her experience with the class. The children looked at lots of pictures of the farm, explored products animals and plants can make, looked at farming techniques and compared weights of animals. In the afternoon, the children made their own model farms!

Term 2

In term 2 we have been looking at Meerkat Mail where we follow Sunny in his search of finding somewhere to call home. We have been looking at writing a list of things he will need to pack and writing travel brochures to help him pick somewhere to go on holiday.

Year 2 being scientists during STEM week.

STEM week 

STEM week is during the week of 22nd November. We will be focussing on sustainability and how we can become agents of change through our own actions. 


Some experiments we will be taking part it:

  • How do materials biodegrade?
  • Does washing synthetic fabric create plastic waster in water?
  • How can we reduce single use plastic in food packaging?
  • Why making compost is good for the environment.
  • Exploring what should go down the toilet.

Fun at Forest School

Term 1

This term we looked at How the Tortoise got its Crooked Shell. This is a Nigerian folk story which focuses on why telling the truth is important. We have written alternative endings to the story along with lots of acting of how the tortoise could get a crooked shell. 

Bug hotels

This term we have been looking at habitats. As a final project we made our own bug hotels.


Up and Under came in this week to teach us some boxing skills. We were  lucky enough that we had 2 sessions.


We were lucky enough to have Digiwall in this week where we got to play lots of games on the wall! We had lots of fun!

Maths in Year 2

In maths we like to use lots of different resources and show different ways to make numbers!

Catholic Life of Year 2

We looked at Saint John Henry Newman's work 'The Mission of my Life' and were inspired by the words '...we are link in a chain...' We created our own chain  and even took it to church for Father Jim to see.

Exploring the school and how it looks in the new year!

Year 2 Curriculum Newsletter

Meet the teacher presentation

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