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Year 6

Welcome to Year Six!

Welcome to Year Six's class page. This is the place where you will find out all about our amazing learning and achievements, as well as finding out important information. The children have already started the year with enthusiasm and excitement and are proving to be fantastic role models as the oldest pupils of our setting. I am extremely proud of them.

If you have any questions please email the office and I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you for your continued support.


Mrs Searle

Year Six Teacher

Camp Information

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Meet the Teacher Presentation

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School Calendar 

Please follow the link below for all events happening in school

OLOL FOOTBALL CLUB - Thursdays 3:30 - 4:30

Open to boys and girls of all abilities. Mr Poulson and Mr Bell, who are both experienced primary football coaches, will be running the sessions.


If you would like to join the team and represent Our Lady of Lourdes with pride, please email to register your interest.


There is a limit of 30 children for the club, so register your interest quickly.


Mr Poulson and Mr Bell



Key information


PE days:



School start time: 8:45

School finish time: 3:15


Please drop your child off at the KS2 Entrance (the green gate, to the left of the building when facing the school.)


Home Learning

Pupils will receive their home learning on a Tuesday and return it on a Monday. If you need anymore support for at home or for ideas on how to support your child on their Year Six journey, do not hesitate to contact me.



All pupils have received their reading books and should complete these three times before returning them (unless they have the upper levels in which this is not possible). Pupils should read 5 times for a minimum of 20 minutes each week and one of these reads should be with an adult. 


Term Five


In English this term, we will be condensing our writing skills by using the short animation, "Eye of the Storm". We will create a piece of narrative which will leave you wanting more! In addition, we will be writing to the Queen in light of her jubilee celebrations. 

Term Four


In our Lent topic, we have been discussing the key concepts of Lent and linking them to modern life. We have analysed scripture, the Beatitudes and had chance to share our learning with Year 3. All of our learning leads us to answer the question, 'Are the Stations of the Cross relevant today?' By using scripture, the experiences of our peers and our own experiences, we will express our understanding with reasoning skills.


This term we have been reading the text, 'The Man Between the Towers.' This thrilling text gives details about a French artist, who dared to dream the impossible. Before writing exciting diary entries, the children discussed the feelings and emotions leading up to the thrilling event. 

They had the chance to revisit previous learning in order to upskill and improve.


Our learning continues in RE with our Easter learning. We will be unpicking our own views on life, death and life after death. We will analyse different accounts of the resurrection, before engaging with the big question, "Did the resurrection happen?"


Additionally, we will be learning about the celebration of Holi. This festival is key to the Hindu faith but is also celebrated by Buddhists and Sikhs across India. The key theme of the celebration being positivity and good overcoming evil.


In Maths, children have been working their socks off to develop their accuracy within their fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills across a range of Maths strands. They have developed skills to solve fractions, decimals and percentage tasks, use skills to understand ratio, whilst building their speed and accuracy within arithmetic sessions. Go Year 6!

Term Three


In English this term, we will be developing our skills by writing a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts using a range of new and previous grammar and transcriptional skills. Keep coming back to see how we are getting on!


In English, we have begun exploring the feelings, questions, concerns and causes of flooding on our common home. This has lead to us creating our own news reports; abstract art titled, 'Flood' and short setting descriptions. WE even had the opportunity to think about the sound of rain, creating our very own piece of music using body percussion.

The Rhythm of the Rain

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In class we have used the books, 'Flood' and 'The Rhythm of the Rain' as stimulus for our learning. As a class we analysed how the rain sounds and created our very own storm using body percussion.

Road Safety

In Year Six, we have begun learning about how to travel safely when walking independently. We learned that as our independence grows, so does our responsibility to keep ourselves safe. Learning how to keep ourselves safe is important.

We have learned that when walking on our our, it is our responsibility to make sure we are acting with safety; we are able to stay focused and not become distracted and to use the, 'Green Cross Code' when crossing the road.

Term Two

In Term Two we have been using Hansel and Gretel in English in order to create our very own innovated version. We looked at two different texts, which show different representations. Although the story line is the same, the setting and culture are different. This encouraged us to think about what would happen in the story if it was set somewhere different. Before we even wrote our stories, we were able to make the Witch's house for ourselves.

STEM Week and Trip to UWE

Year Six had a brilliant time for their STEM week. Their task was to create a project based around sustainability and FairTrade. Children were in groups of around six and they used their skills to research, design and experiment products and packaging for a bite sized treat they would then create. The children then sold these and donated the profit to charity.


During STEM week, Year Six were able to go to UWE for the day in order find out all about Engineering uses and jobs. Whilst being taken on a tour of the Engineering facilities by staff and students of UWE, who explained all about the variety of roles available, Year Six were able to get an idea of what university is about. Whilst at the university, we were shown a car that students had designed and built for racing; tried out a virtual reality room, which could be used for many things including medicine and were able to explore the different technology including flight and driving simulators. 


In the afternoon, children then used something more familiar in order to become engineers themselves. During a Minecraft workshop, children came up with solutions to problems they felt our city had. Within a specially designed Minecraft world, children created bridges, a spa, an aquarium and even a shelter for the homeless. Our Year SIx pupils certainly showed their creative side!


Sites to use from home to continue to support learning

It is lovely to see such an exciting range of books that you are reading at home. Keep revisiting the padlet in order to inspire you!

Remember this should be our reading for enjoyment and not the scheme books from school.

Term One

Our Learning this Term


Our Week at a glance...

This week our history topic has taken us on an exciting turn and allowed us to begin to understand what happened as a result of World War II. This has also led to discussion and debates around how we treat others. We have been able to conduct some fantastic research into key black figures, as it is Black History Month, in order to create some amazing piece of writing. Our discussions have been mature, empathetic and have sparked some activists within Year Six. If you have anything further to share from home, we would be delighted to share it as a class.


This term we have been looking at what make us special and unique. We have had the opportunity to write letters to our future self and even our autobiographies.

For the rest of this term we will be linking our learning in History with our English writing. We will produce a diary and some free verse poetry.