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Year 1

Welcome to Year One's Class Page! Here you will be able to find out about the learning we are enjoying in school, as well as keeping up to date with important information about the class. The children have made a fantastic start to Year 1  and we are so proud of how well they are adapting to the structure and routines. They are certainly rising to the challenge! Thank you for your support at home - if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school office ( and I will get back to you as soon as I can!


Miss Cohen



Year One's Mission

Important Information 

PE Day

Wednesday - Please send your child to school in their PE uniform on this day.


Forest School

Monday - Please send your child to school wearing warm clothing. Please ensure tops are long sleeved and that they are not wearing shorts. If you have, please bring wellies in a separate bag. These can be left at school on your child's peg.


Home Learning

Home learning is designed to support the children in practising core spelling, number and handwriting skills, as well as including ideas for enrichment at home!

Home Learning will be sent out each Friday, to be returned every Thursday



Children have now been set up on our new reading scheme.

Reading for pleasure -  Click on the document below if you need help finding books that your child will enjoy.

Phonics Information -


Phonics Screen Check w/b 06.06.22.

Please ensure your child is in during this week.


We are using the Read Write Inc (RWI) programme to begin our reading and writing journey. When using RWI the children will:


  • Learn that sounds are represented by written letters.  To practice the sounds and learn how to pronounce them accurately please click the following link: Click here
  • Learn 44 sounds and the corresponding letter/letter groups using simple picture prompts.
  • Learn how to blend sounds and read words using Fred Talk. The following link shows how we teach children to ‘Fred talk, read the word’. Click here
  • Learn that some words with ‘tricky letters’ can’t be read using Fred Talk as they cannot be sounded out – these are known as red words. Remember - 'you can’t Fred a red!' - These words have been our focus for spellings. 


Phonics Screening Check - 

All children in Year 1 complete a phonics screening check in the summer term. If you would like to find out more about the phonics screening check, please click the following link: Click here



Handwriting Information - 

Children will learn to write the letters/letter groups which represent 44 sounds. 

Parent Presentation Updated

Apologies for the wait, Miss Cohen's video presentation will be added shortly. 

Term 5

Asking Father Jim questions after Mass

Easter Gardens

An past student of Our Lady of Lourdes came to help us learn and he kindly read us a story.

PE Enrichment Day with Reception

Term 4

Going to Mass and speaking with Father Jim

World Book Day! The Colour Monster - with Maths and Art

Getting ash on our foreheads for Ash Wednesday.

Fossil Finders Workshop

Term 3

We have been given a very important mission from a 'Professor of Dinosaurs'. Dippy the dinosaur is on the loose and we need to use our skills to take care of her.

Dippy has been spotted!

Still image for this video
Dippy is a super friendly, magical dinosaur!

Dippy going up the bank.

Still image for this video
Our knowledge on Dinosaurs have helped us to understand that Dippy is going to eat some of the bushes up on the bank.

Dippy spotted exploring the KS2 playground!

Still image for this video

We have been exploring dinosaur footprints and have been making marks in the sand. We have little dinosaur skulls hidden around that we can match to the species by looking at their facial features, including their teeth!


So far this term we have worked on writing interesting, descriptive sentences all about Dinosaurs!

We started by labelling different dinosaurs, looking at all of their features. 

We used all our Dinosaur facts for our non-chronological reports. 



Our friends in Year 6 came to read to us, all about Dinosaurs! Together we picked out the interesting facts that we could use in our non-chronological reports. 


We have started our learning on subtraction through taking objects away, we are now on our way to recognising the subtraction symbol. 


We have been learning all about 'The Great Fire of London', we looked at where the fire started and why it spread so quickly, we explored the differences between the firefighters we have now and the people putting out the fires in 1666.

To finish our learning, we painted and created a (small) City of London that we lit on fire! Just like in 1666 our fire started in a bakery on Pudding Lane; it also spread and burnt really quickly. 


This term we have been learning how to group different animals. 

We have been looking at really complicated words like; carnivore, herbivore and omnivore. After learning how to group the animals, we worked on grouping the different dinosaurs. 

Term 2



This term in our English we are looking at story-telling. We have been focussing on The Little Red Hen, through retelling the story we have been able to understand the structure of stories - using Beginning, Middle and End.

We are able to infer character throughout and feeling and can start to make predictions of what happens next.




This term we have been looking at number bonds and fact families. 

We have begun to look at the addition symbol and the understanding of putting numbers together, when we are secure at doing this we can use these skills to add together bigger numbers. 



During Term 2 we had a whole school STEM week, focussing on Sustainability. 

During this week we explored what Sustainability is and how we as individuals can help our planet. We looked into the effect of Global Warming on the rest of the earth and how some areas are at high risk of flooding. In England, we have the means to grow our own crops for food, but in flooded areas this is challenging. As a class, we came up with a solution for flooded areas to grow crops, through floating gardens! 

We investigated what materials float and what sink, so we knew what to use for our gardens.

After creating a platform to hold a garden, we investigated if our design method would hold weight on water - something that a floating garden would have to do. 

Term 1


This Term we have been exploring Autobiographies whilst investigating the Big Question - Who am I?

When creating our own Autobiography book, we explored our families, where we come from and who we want to be as we grow up. 

We have been reading books such as All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold. We have been looking at who we are as individuals and what makes us different, as we know what makes us different makes us SPECIAL!


We have been learning about the Part Part Whole model which underpins addition and subtraction fact families. 


During this term, we have focussed on our Class and our own Missions. We understand that we have a mission to help those around us, our community - our neighbours. We started to understand that our neighbours are not just in our close school community, but also to those in the wider and the animals and microorganisms that share our habitats. 


To support our neighbours, we helped by planting flowers in the flowerbeds outside of classrooms, helping insects to create new homes. We also made bird feeders and shared with the other classes, so all can help their flying, friendly neighbours. 


Celebrating God's Creations

With our friends in Reception we;  

- Made Art of of Nature - Andy Goldworthy;

 - Looked after our surrounding neighbours;

- Appreciate all the living things that God created - Rainbow collage.