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Year 6 Cherry

Welcome to Year 6 - Cherry!


Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we've done and more.
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I hope you and your children had a great half term holiday and are looking forward to an exciting term ahead.  Below, you’ll find information about the children’s learning this term and other important class information


Important Dates – Term 6


15.06.17 – Leavers Mass Clifton Cathedral

13.07.17 – School Sports Day

19.07.17 – Year 6 school play

20.07.17 – Year 6 school play

21.07.17 – Leavers Mass in church and last day of school


PGL Photos

School Play


The Year 6 play this year is the Dracula Rock Show (click on the links below to find out more).  Children will be given parts on the first week back and we will begin practicing in the afternoons from the first week back.


Below you will find a link to the play script and the musical tracks.  Please support your child to learn their lines and the songs in the play.  We will be practicing every day but with less than 7 week to the performance it’s important they practice at home.


The Dracula Rock Show Music

The music below is in the order it is performed.  All children are expected to know and be able to sing all the songs.



Below is a link to the script that has been adapted for the Year 6 class.



Below are details of the costumes required for each character.


Dracula                Black dinner suit and waistcoat (either black or florid), white shirt with bow tie and a black cloak with a scarlet red lining. His face should be made up with ivory white, with his eyes ringed with carmine to create a ghoulish appearance. Fangs complete his appearance.


Dr Watson           Tweed overcoat, white shirt with ‘bat’ wing collar, tweed tie and bowler hat. He is every bit the Victorian, retired, military doctor in his appearance and manner.


Moriarty               He is a professor of maths and a criminal genius in Doyle’s stories. He should be dressed in suit trousers and waistcoat over a shirt with Victorian collar and tie and have a white ‘lab’ coat over the top. His appearance should be somewhat sinister and NOT dapper. In Scene Five, he appears poorly disguised as a street vendor, with a very bad false beard and comic glasses. In Scene Six his appearance changes again to Mafia style with black suit, black shirt, white tie, black hat with white hat-band and dark shades.


Quasimodo         A hunchback who wears old army boots, trousers with ragged legs, a piece of string to hold them up and a ragged yak-skin jacket over his bare chest. His face is unshaven and he looks decidedly unpleasant.


Jagged Mick       Is probably best caricatured on Mick Jagger, painting him a little larger than life. Best based on the 70s style rather than the 60s as this allows for a more flamboyant approach with bright satin shirt and large collar, flair-bottom trousers and chunky chukka boots. Hair should be thick and below collar length.


Mrs Peterson      If you wish to keep strictly within the period set, then a white laced pinafore over a long, full dress, topped with a mop cap or bonnet would be appropriate. Or you could add a comic style of 50s housekeeper with a shorter, bright apron, topped with a head scarf over rollers as a complete contrast to the other characters.


Shirley Holmes  A female version of Sherlock Holmes! Could wear a caped overcoat and deer-stalker cap and carry a cane, or even smoke a pipe! Or it could be in the modern style of female police inspector as portrayed by Inspector Jean Darblay in      Juliet Bravo, a 1980s police TV series or similar, more recent, programs. In Scene Nine, she is dressed in country and western style for the line dance.


Moriarty’s Gang This mixed bag of male and female misfits can be             stereotyped as much as you wish: one in a striped jumper      and mask, with a bag marked “Swag” over his shoulder; another carrying a violin case; another dressed Mafia-style, black suit and shirt with white tie, and black hat with white hatband, possibly carrying a violin case; one of the girls can be very tart-y, another in leathers, yet another in martial arts costume.


Blood Sisters     This backing group are dressed in vampire style, with perhaps ankle length evening dresses in bright red (sequinned) with a short cape (maybe purple), black eye makeup, fangs (either real or painted on), blood red lips and stiletto heels.


Zombies              White shrouds, greenish grey skin colour, black lips and sunken eyes. Very ghoulish!


Vampires             The male vampires should, if possible, be dressed in decrepit (distressed) dinner suits, white shirts and bow ties (torn and tattered in some cases). The legs of the trousers can be shorter than normal to enhance the comic ghoul effect. The mouths are scarlet red, the eyes either scarlet or carmine, the faces ivory to create a ‘deathly face’ not clown. The girls could be dressed identically.


Police Squad      Traditional police uniforms. Could be 19th century uniform with cape or modern style. Switch to country and western outfits for Scene Nine.



Now that  SATs have finished we will explore the use of maths in real world problems and children will explore longer mathematical investigations and problem solving activities.  Children will also have the opportunity to recap and consolidate previous learning.


English / Topic

This term we will focus on our writing skills and the class will write a range of genres and text types which will be closely linked to the topic of that week.  We will write a procedural report based on Egyptian mummification, an information text on light and then the Americas, a scientific report on an electricity experiment and an diary entry based on the Shang Dynasty.

The writing activities will be embedded within the wider teaching of topic and science.  During Term 6 we will study: the Ancient Egyptians and the Shang Dynasty of China in history; learn about light and electricity in science; and in geography explore the Americas,

The teaching of grammar is embedded into the teaching of writing skills and this term will focus on some of the more complex areas required in year 6 and also teach the children the specific skills they will need to write in the different genres we cover throughout the term.


Reading / Spoken Language

The children are taught the skills for reading comprehension for 30 minutes every day.  The skills focused on include: the ability to summarise a text, fact retrieval, word meaning, inference and deduction.  Teaching is done across a range of genres including, poetry, narratives and stories, information texts, newspaper articles and information texts.


Religious Education

This term we will study Pentecost and Sacraments.

For more information about how to help your child at home, please click here.



Now that the SATs have concluded the amount and type of homework will change.  One piece of homework will be issued a week and this will be linked to our weeks Topic.

Please click this link for this terms homework.


Each week your child also needs to:


  • practice times tables
  • practice weekly spellings
  • read a variety of texts



Children will focus on different spelling patterns each week, which need to be explored and practiced at home. There are also key words that the children are expected to spell by the end of Year 6, which are listed below.

Useful websites


Below are a range of useful websites – some are general purpose and others are specific to certain subjects.





Homework Help

BBC Learning




Maths Games

More Maths Games

Even More Maths Games

Roman Numerals


Telling the time 1



Spelling practice linked with curriculum– including games

Spelling Practice

Punctuation Practice

Grammar Practice

Spelling and Grammar Games

More Spelling and Grammar Games